Class 10 Chemical equations and reaction Important questions-2

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1) Reaction of carbon monoxide with heated copper oxide is a reduction. Explain.

2) What do you observe when concentrated sulphuric acid is added to sugar?

3)What do you observe when zinc oxide is heated and then cooled?

4) What do you observed when trilead tetraoxide is heated?

5) What happens when ammonium carbonate is kept open?

6) Why is the reaction between steam and red hot iron said to be a reversible reaction?

7) Give an example of a redox reaction involving a metallic oxide and a neutral gas as the only reactants.

8) Classify the following reactions as exothermic and endothermic.

  1. C+ O2-----CO2
  2. N2 +3H2----2NH3
  3. C + 2S ----- CS2
  4. N2 + O2 -----2NO
  5. CaCO3---- CaO +CO2

9) State the effect of:

a) An endothermic reaction

b)An exothermic reaction on the surrounding

10) Predict the products for the following reactions and balance.

  1. HCI + Zn---
  2. NaBr + Cl2---
  3. H2SO4 + Fe----
  4. Na + H2O----
  5. Cu + AgNO3----

11) Complete the following double displacement reactions

  1. KHO + H2SO4---
  2. NaOH + HCI---
  3. Al2 (SO4)3 + NaOH---
  4. BaCI2 + Na2SO4---
  5. PbSO4 + Na2CO3---

12) Classify the following reactions as thermal decomposition and thermal dissociation.

  1. N2 + 3H2---- 2NH3
  2. CaCO3--- CaO +CO2
  3. 2HgO---- 2Hg + O2
  4. NH4 CI--- NH3 + HCI

13) Define a reversible reaction.

14) Predict the type of each reaction.

  1. 2Ag +S----Ag2S
  2. NH4NO2----N2 + 2H2O
  3. 2NAI + CI2---- 2NaCI + I2
  4. CuCI2 + 2NaOH---- Cu (OH)2 + 2NaCI

15) How can nitrogen stop food items containing high fat and oil from turning rancid?

16) Explains what happens when iron metal is left exposed in moist weather.

 17) (i) Why is aluminum used to reduce metal oxides like Fe2O3?

(ii) What is “Thermite Welding”?

18) How is iron ore reduced in the blast furnace?

19) Why is Al obtained only by electrolytic reduction of Alumina (pure)?

20) Name the two ores of zinc commonly used.

21) Name two common alloys of zinc with their property and uses.


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