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Electric charge and electric field questions and answers

This page contains electric charge and field important questions along with their answers. This chapter comes under unit Electrostatics. These are the basic set of questions you must do in order to get good understanding of the subject and get good marks. Physics class 12 chapter 1 important questions Electric Charge One Marks Questions Question 1. How will the radius of a flexible ring change … Continue reading Electric charge and electric field questions and answers »

Download Class 9 Physics formulas and summary pdf

This article is about CBSE Class 9 Physics formulas and summary pdf. Having all the formula in one place is always helpful for the students, Keeping that in mind,We have prepared a physics formula pdf for CBSE Class 9 students.  This physics formula  and summary pdf contains the physics formula and summary that are aimed for class 9 students as per the NCERT physics book … Continue reading Download Class 9 Physics formulas and summary pdf »

Force of friction equation (friction formula)

In this article learn about force of friction equation (or friction formula). This friction formula is very important while solving problems related to Newton’s laws of motion. You may also like to go to class 11 physics notes for more notes and study materials. Force of friction is a force which acts between two surfaces in contact and when one surface slides on the other … Continue reading Force of friction equation (friction formula) »

10 common mistake in Examination

1) Panicking Before Or During A Paper: Always prepare for a test or exam well in advance.Have a good night’s sleep before the date of the test or exam.Keep reassuring yourself that you can do it. Once you stop doubting yourself, you will stop panicking. If all else fails, comfort yourself that it is only a paper. It’s not the end of the world even if you don’t do well for just one paper.So just relax and Do some breathing exercise to relax

2.Failing To Scan Through The Questions Once: Do not immediately start answer the first question. Give yourself about 5 minutes to read through all the questions. Put a tick against the easy questions and a cross against the difficult ones. Then, proceed to answer the easy questions first! Always leave the difficult questions to the last. This ensures that you would have answered most of the questions in the paper should you run out of time. It also gives you more time for the difficult questions, as you would need relatively less time for the easy ones

10 things you can do to improve your memory for math formulas

1. Read ahead – Prepare for Tomorrows today.Read over tomorrow’s math lesson today. Get a general idea about the new formulas in advance.As you read ahead, you will recognize some of it, and other parts will be brand new.This technique also gives you an overview of the diagrams, graphs and vocabulary in the new section. Look up any new words in a dictionary so you reduce this stumbling block in class. This step may only take 15 minutes or so before each class, but will make a huge difference to your understanding of the math you are studying.

Thermal conductivity formula

This article is only about thermal conductivity formula and its usage in solving various problems. I have discussed thermal conductivity in detail while writing notes in a separate page. Use the link given below to get to know more about it. Thermal Conductivity The thermal conductivity of a solid is a measure of the ability of the solid to conduct heat through it. The formula … Continue reading Thermal conductivity formula »