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Thermal conductivity formula

This article is only about thermal conductivity formula and its usage in solving various problems. I have discussed thermal conductivity in detail while writing notes in a separate page. Use the link given below to get to know more about it. Thermal Conductivity The thermal conductivity of a solid is a measure of the ability of the solid to conduct heat through it. The formula … Continue reading Thermal conductivity formula »

Electrostatics class 12 board questions (Electric charge and field)

This page contains electrostatics class 12 board questions. These questions are related to class 12 physics chapter 1 : Electric charge and fields. This is kind of simulated board exam paper only for chapter 1. You need to finish this paper in 3 hours. Take this test after you are confident in first chapter of class 12 physics. General Instructions: Time allowed : 3 hours                           Maximum … Continue reading Electrostatics class 12 board questions (Electric charge and field) »

Know How to do well in physics Board exams

So when there are few days left for your board exams , you might be thinking how to do well in physics Board exams or how do you memorise your physics formulas so that you can write all the answers that are asked in your exams easily. It is important to memorise physics formulas for exams because memorising them will increase your speed and by the end of the time you will be able to complete all your questions and still have time to revise and check for the mistakes in all of your paper.

Physics project for class 12

Introduction to physics project for class 12 physics investigatory projects for class 12 carry 3 Marks in the Final Examination. Let us take a took at some important concept What is Science: Our knowledge of the natural world and the process through which that knowledge is built The process of science involves many layers of complexity, but the key points of that process are straightforward.There are … Continue reading Physics project for class 12 »

What Are Free Body Diagrams

In this article I would discuss what are free body diagrams and how to make one. Free body digrams are of immense importance when one want to study physics. You will find great deal of their usage while studying mechanics and tou can hey have equal inportance when it comes to other branches of physics. However i will discuss their usage and construction in context to mechanics.