Test Series-13


  • Your test contains 15 multiple choice questions with only one answer
  • This is 30 min test.Please make sure you complete it in stipulated time
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1.The dimensions of viscosity in terms of M,L,T is ?
  • ML1T-1
  • M-1LT-1
  • ML-1T-2
  • ML-1T-1

2. A man is sitting in a boat which is floating on a pond. The man drinks some water from pond. What happens to the water level in the pond? The water level will
  • Rises
  • falls
  • remains unchanging
  • Not enough information

3. A body floats in water with 40% of its volume outside water.When the same body floats in some liquid,60% of its volume remains outside the liquid. The relative density of the liquid is
  • 1.5
  • 1.2
  • .6
  • None of these

4..A closed compartment containing gas is moving with some acceleration in horizontal direction. Then the pressure in the compartment is? Neglect the effect of gravity
  • lower in the front side
  • same everywhere
  • lower in the rear side
  • Not enough information

5.A object of relative density 10 is released from rest on the surface of a lake.if the viscous effect are ignored ,the object sinks in the water with an acceleration ?
  • 10g
  • 9g/10
  • 11g/10
  • None of these

6. Machine parts are jammed in winter due to
  • Increase in surface tension of lubricant
  • Decrease in viscosity of lubricant
  • Decrease in surface tension of lubricant
  • increase in viscosity of lubricant

7. A horizontal pipeline carries water in a stream line flow? At point A along the pipe,the cross-sectional ared is 10cm2,the water velocity is 1m/s amd pressure is 2000Pa.What is the pressure at point B where cross-sectional area is 5.0 cm2
  • 500 Pa
  • 400 Pa
  • 300Pa
  • None of the above

8. A big drop of water is broken into large number of small drops? The surface energy would
  • Remains unchanged
  • will increase
  • will decrease
  • Not enough information

9.A U tude containing a liquid is acclerated horizontally with constant acceleration a .The separation between the limb's is L. The Difference in the height of the liquid in the two arms would be
  • L(a/g)1/2
  • aL/gL
  • L/2
  • a2L/g2L

10.A block of wood has a mass 25 g. When a 5g metal piece with a volume 2cm3 is attached to the bottom of the block,the wood barely floats in water what is the volume of the V of the wood
  • 20cm3
  • 38cm3
  • 28cm3
  • None of these

11. A solid sphere of radius R,made up of a material of bulk modulus K is surrounded by a liquid in a cylinderical container. A massless piston of area A floats on the surface of the liquid.When a mass M is placed on the piston to compress the liquid,the fractional change in the radius of the sphere is
  • Mg/2AK
  • 3Mg/AK
  • Mg/3AK
  • Mg/AK

12. A small hole is there near the bottom of the water filled container. The speed of the water ejected depends on
  • Density of the liquid
  • acceleration due to gravity
  • height of the liquid above the hole
  • All of the above
13. if the hollow bob of a simple pendulum be filled with mercury that drains out slowly,its time period
  • increases continously
  • decreases continously
  • remains same
  • first increases and then decreases
14. Water leaves a faucet with a downward velocity of 3 m/s. As the water falls below the faucet,it accelerates with acceleration g. The cross-section area of the water stream leaving the faucet is 1.0 cm2. What is the cross-sectional area of the stream .5m below the faucet?
  • .50 cm2
  • .9 cm2
  • .1 cm2
  • .69 cm2
15. Water rises to a height of 13.6 cm in a capillary tube dipped in water.When the same tube is dipped in mercury ,it is depressed by 3(2)1/2. The angle of contact in water =0 The angle of contact in mercury =1350 Given : Relative density of mercury =13.6 Find out the ratio of the surface tensions of mercury and water
  • 6
  • 5
  • 11
  • None of these