Test Series-27


  • Your test contains 10 multiple choice questions with only one answer
  • This is 30 min test.Please make sure you complete it in stipulated time
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1.What is true for 92235X?
  • X contains 92 protons
  • X contains 143 neutrons
  • the atomic no is 92
  • All the above

2) which of these is true for solar energy
  • The energy obtained from sun is called solar energy
  • Ultra voilet rays are completely absorbed and eliminated by the atomosphere
  • it is a renewable source of energy
  • All the above

3. which of these are correct?
  • When a radioactive substance emit alpha particle,its atomic mass and atomic number decrease by 4 and 2 respectively
  • When a radioactive substance emit beta particle,its atomic mass decrease by 1
  • In beta decay,a proton changes into electron and neutron
  • None of the above

4.which of these are incorrect?
  • A small nucleus is stable as the distance between the nucleus particle(neutron + proton) are small due to which nuclear force are large compared to electrostatic force of repulsion
  • In large nucleus,electrostatic forces are higher then nuclear forces
  • Chemical reaction involve only the outermost electrons while nuclear reaction ,nucleus undergoes the change
  • none of these

5. which of these are not fissile material?
  • Uranium-235
  • plutonium -239
  • Uranium-238
  • None of these

6. When a Uranium-235 undergoes fission,what all is formed?
  • Barium nucleus
  • krypton nucleus
  • Neutrons
  • All the above

7. which of these is used as moderator in Nucleur reactor?
  • Boron
  • D2O
  • H2O
  • Cadmium

8. Fission of one U-235 nucleus releases 3.2X10-11 J of energy. How much energy is released by 1 mole of Uranaium-235?
  • 16X1011 J
  • 19.24X1012 J
  • 6X106 J
  • None of these

9. How much coal need to be burnt to produce the same energy as produced by 1 Kg of U-235?
  • 1500 Tons
  • 2500 tons
  • 500 otns
  • 2000 tons

10.two statement Statement A: Nucleur fussion can be carried out at very high temperatures Statement B: A very high kinetic energy is required by the nucleus in the Nuclear fussion
  • A is correct only
  • B is correct only
  • A and B both are correct
  • A and B both are incorrect

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