Test Series-10


  • Your test contains 10 multiple choice questions with only one answer
  • This is 30 min test.Please make sure you complete it in stipulated time
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  • Once finished you get a chance to review all question with correct answers and their solutions.

1.In Heronís formula semi perimeter is equal to ?

2) Area of the traingles of sides 6 cm,8cm and 10cm is ?
   24 cm2
    48 cm2
   36 cm2
   10 cm2

3. If each side of the triangles is doubled,Area of the triangle will become?
    2 times
    4 times
    1/2 times
   insufficient information

4. The area of a parallelogram is 392cm2.If its altitude is twice the corresponding base, The height and the base is ?

    None of these

5. Two sides of a triangle are 11cm and 12cm and its perimeter is 33cm.The third side is :?

6. The adjacent sides of a parallelogram are 36cm and 27cm in length .If the distance between the shorter sides is 12cm, find the distance between the longer sides.
   Insuffucient data

7. ABCD is a trapezium with parallel side 5 and 13 cm each and distance between them is 12 cm. The area of the trapezium is ?
    96 cm2
    108 cm2
    136 cm2
    None of these

8. In a rhombus, the diagonal are 9 and 16 cm long,What is the area?
    108 cm2
   144 cm2
   72 cm2

9. The sides of a triangle are in the ratio 3:4:5, The perimeter is 120 cm,The area of the triangle is ?
   1200 cm2
    300 cm2
   none of these

10.Two statement
Statement A:Heron formula for area of triangle is valid for all the triangles
Statement B: Two congruent triangles have same area

    A is correct only
    B is correct only
    A and B both are correct
    A and B both are incorrect

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