Test Series-33


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1.John drives from Rampur to hapur. Even without knowing anything about the roads between these two cities we can say with certainty that the magnitude of the Johnís displacement from rampur when he reaches hapur is?

    always less than the total distance John travelled.
    always equal to the total distance John travelled
    less than or equal to the total distance he travelled
    cannot be determined

2) A particle initially located at the origin has an acceleration of a=.3jm/s2 and an initial velocity of v=.5i m/s. Find the vector position and velocity at time t=2sec?

   None of these

3.Which one of the following equations is NOT dimensionally correct? Following things are given
v => is a speed (L/T)
a => is an acceleration (L/T2)
x => is a distance (L)
t => is a time (T)


4. Lets take the motion of the particle along x axis .Let the particle move in the positive direction, the slope of the velocity verses time graph will be negative when?

    velocity decreases with time
    velocity increases with time.
    the acceleration increases with time
    the acceleration decreases with time

5. A canon fires ball at an angles 400.The ball would have landed at the same place if it were fired at any angle
   None of these

6.We knew that pushing heavy furniture across the carpet usually takes more force to get it moving than it takes to keep it moving. This is because:
   the coefficient of static friction is greater than the coefficient of kinetic friction.
   It is due to law of inertia
   the coefficient of kinetic friction is greater than the coefficient of static friction
   None of these

7.A object is accelerated by the constant force F.Suddenly after some time, it is acted by a second force F with opposite direction to first force. With two force acting on it,the object ?
    it will come to halt in some time
    it comes to halt immediately
    continues with the same velocity which it has when second force start acting
    none of the above

8.A man is standing on a weigh scale in an elevator. When the elevator is accelerating upward with constant acceleration a, the scale reads 867.0 N. When the elevator is accelerating downwards with the same constant acceleration a, the scale reads 604.5 N. Determine the magnitude of the acceleration a and the mass of the man?

    1.15 m/s2,75 kg
   1.25 m/s2,95 kg
   1.75 m/s2,85 kg
   1.75 m/s2,75 kg

9.A car goes around a curve of radius r at speed v and experiences a centripetal acceleration a. If the car is to go around the same curve at a speed 4v, the required centripetal acceleration is?

10.Scalar product of two vector P and Q is zero.?
   P and Q are parallel
    either P = 0 or Q = 0
   P is perpendicular to Q
    either P = 0 or Q = 0 or P is perpendicular to Q

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