Test Series-6


  • Your test contains 10 multiple choice questions with only one answer
  • This is 15 min test.Please make sure you complete it in stipulated time
  • You can Finish this test any time using 'Submit' button.
  • Once finished you get a chance to review all question with correct answers.
  • You will be awarded 2 mark for each correct answer
  • These are all conceptual based question to test the knowlegde

1.Distance is a vector quantity and displacement is a scalar quantity ?
  • True
  • False

2.The magnitude of the displacement is never greater than the path length traversed by the object
  • True
  • False

3.Two balls of different masses are dropped from the same point at same time.Which is of the following is false>
  • Both the balls will reach the ground in same time
  • Heavier ball will hit the ground first
  • Both the balls will strike the ground with the same speed
  • None of these

4.A person makes a round-trip journey, finishing where he started. The displacement for the trip is 0 and the distance is some nonzero value.
  • True
  • False

5.Which of following statement is correct
  • The magnitude of the instantanous velocity is equal to the instantanous speed
  • The magnitude of the average velocity is equal to the average speed
  • Average acceleration is equal to change is speed per unit time
  • none of these

6.The displacement -time graph of a moving particle is shown below.The instantanous velocity of the particle is negative at the point

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D

7.Which of following statement is Incorrect
  • An object with a positive velocity will be represented on a position-time graph by a line with a positive slope
  • An object with a negative velocity will be represented on a position-time graph by a line with a negative slope.
  • An object with zero velocity will be represented on a position-time graph by a line with zero slope
  • None of these

8.A particles moves with a constant velocity
STATEMENT -1: Accerleration is zero for the particle
STATEMENT -2: Average velocity is equal to instantanous velocity
STATEMENT -3: Average speed is equal to magnitude of instantanous velocity
STATEMENT -4: Postion-time graph for the particle is a straight line
which one of the following is correct
  • All the statement are correct
  • Statement 1,2 and 4 are correct
  • Statement 1,2 and 3 are correct
  • Statement 2,3 and 4 are correct

9.Two statement are made
STATEMENT -A: Displacement of the particle may be zero even if the distance covered by it is not zero
STATEMENT -B: Displacement is the shortest distance between the initial and final position
  • Both the statement are correct
  • A is correct but B is incorrect
  • A is incorrect but B is correct
  • Both are incorrect

10.Match the column
Column I Column II
P) Speed L) Vector quantity
Q) Velocity M) Scalar quantity
R) Acceleration
S) Displacement
  • P->M,Q->L,R->L,S->L
  • P->L,Q->M,R->L,S->L
  • P->M,Q->M,R->L,S->L
  • P->M,Q->L,R->M,S->L

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