Test Series-7


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1.A ball is projected upward at a certain angle with the horizontal .which of the following statement is incorrect. At highest point
  • velocity of the projectile is not zero
  • acceleration of the projectile is zero
  • velocity of the projectile is along the horizontal direction
  • None of these

2.what is wrong for a body having uniform circular motion?
  • Speed of the body is constant
  • Acceleration is directed towards the centre
  • Velocity and Acceleration vector are having an angle 45
  • none of the above

3.A hunter aims his guns and fires a bullet directly at a monkey on a tree.At the instant bullet leaves the gun,the monkey drops. The bullet
  • Misses to hit the monkey
  • Hits the monkey
  • cannot be said
  • None of these

4.Two bullets A and B are fired horizontally with speed v and 2v respectively.which of the following is true
  • Both will reach the ground in Same time
  • Bullet with speed 2v will cover more horizontal distance on the groud
  • B will reach the ground in less time then A
  • A will reach the ground in less time then B

5.A football is kicked into the air at an angle of 30 degrees with the horizontal. At the very top of the ball's path, its velocity is
  • entirely horizontal
  • both vertical and horizontal
  • not enough information given to know.
  • entirely vertical

6. Which of the following statements are true
  • The time that a projectile is in the air is dependent upon the vertical component of the initial velocity.
  • The vertical acceleration of a projectile is 0 m/s/s when it is at the peak of its trajectory.
  • Horizontal velocity changes in the projectile motion
  • none of the above

7. which of the following is incorrect expression for three dimensional motion
  • a=dv/dt=(d2x/dt2)i+(d2y/dt2)j+(d2z/dt2)k
  • a=vdv/dr
  • v=dr/dt=(dx/dt)i + (dy/dt)j+(dz/dt)k
  • None of these

8. Four statment are made about the projectile motion
STATEMENT -1: Horizontal velocity remains same through out the motion
STATEMENT -2: The trajactory is a parabola
STATEMENT -3: Acceleration of the projectile is vertically upwards
STATEMENT -4: Momentum remains constants through out the motion
which one of the following is correct
  • All the statement are correct
  • Statement 1,2 and 4 are correct
  • Statement 1,2 and 3 are correct
  • Statement 2,3 and 4 are correct

9.which of the following is not a projectile motion
  • A football thrown at an angle
  • A bomb falling from the aircraft
  • A parchutor falling from aeroplane
  • None of these

10.Which of the following is correct expression for Projectile
  • Range=2uxuy/g
  • Magnitude of velocity at height h=(u2+2gh)1/2
  • T=2ux/g
  • None of these

11. The trajectory of a projectile in a vertical plane is given by
where x and y are the horizontal and vertical distance
Following statement are made about this motion
STATEMENT A: The angle of projection is given by tan-12
STATEMENT B:The Range of the Projectile is .5 units
  • A and B both are correct
  • Only A is correct
  • Only B is correct
  • Both A and B are wrong

12. A parachuter falls from an aeroplane moving with uniform horizontal velocity.Which of the following is false
  • when he land on the surface,he will be just below the aeroplane
  • A person sitting in the aeroplane will see the parachuter going vertically downward
  • when he land on the surface,he would left behind the aeroplane
  • none of these

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