Fourier Series

Fourier series is an expansion of a periodic function of period $2\pi$ which is representation of a function in a series of sine or cosine such as $f(x)=a_{0}+\sum_{n=1}^{\infty }a_{n}cos(nx)+\sum_{n=1}^{\infty }b_{n}sin(nx)$     where $a_{0}$ , $a_{n}$ and $b_{n}$ are constants and are known as fourier coefficients.   In applying fourier theorem for analysis of an complex periodic function , given function must satisfy following condition  (i) It should be single valued  (ii) It should be continuous.   Drichlet’s Conditions(sufficient but not necessary) … Continue reading Fourier Series »

Complex Analysis Part 2

Liouville’s Theorem If a function $f(z)$ is analytic for all finite values of z, and is bounded then it is a constant.Note:- $e^{z+2\pi i} = e^z$ Taylor’s TheoremIf a function $f(z)$ is analytic at all points inside a circle C, with its centre at point a and radius R then at each point z inside C$f(z)=f(a)+(z-a)f'(a)+\frac{1}{2!}(z-a)^2f”(a)+…….+\frac{1}{n!}(z-a)^nf^n(a)$Taylor’s theorem is applicable when function is analytic at all points inside a circle.  Laurent SeriesIf $f(z)$ is … Continue reading Complex Analysis Part 2 »

5 Tips to crack IITJEE Examination

IITJEE papers generally test the basic concept of the subject.So basic concept should be very clear. Concentrate on the basic concepts.Strengthen your fundamentals.Master the basic of each chapter. Do many times so that you know the concept by heart.NCERT books are good for the concept.So first should be to study the NCERT books and familarize all the concepts.HC verma is also good for concept

Mathematics revision sheet for class 11 and class 12 physics

This mathematics sheet would be helpful for quick revision of most of maths formulas needed before class 11 and 12 physics examination. It covers quick and much needed formulas on differentiation , integration, trigonometry, AP, GP etc.

how to choose your engineering college

Just scoring well in AIEEE is not enough. What is important is to choose the right field of engineering you wish to pursue and which college should you enroll? In this engineering admission season, Learnhub speaks to experts and students to help you choose the right college and stream of engineering. So get clicking to make the correct choice.
In this lesson, we will try to sort out your confusion on what should be the parameters to pick your engineering college. Should brand take precedence over placements or should faculty be given importance over infrastructure? Let’s find out…