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10 common mistake in Examination

1)  Panicking Before Or During A Paper: Always prepare for a test or exam well in advance.Have a good night’s sleep before the date of the test or exam.Keep reassuring yourself that you can do it. Once you stop doubting yourself, you will stop panicking. If all else fails, comfort yourself that it is only a paper. It’s not the end of the world even if you don’t do well for just one paper.So just relax and Do some breathing exercise to relax

2.Failing To Scan Through The Questions Once: Do not immediately start answer the first question. Give yourself about  3 to 5  minutes to read through all the questions. Put a tick against the easy questions and a cross against the difficult ones. Then, proceed to answer the easy questions first! Always leave the difficult questions to the last. This ensures that you would have answered most of the questions in the paper should you run out of time. It also gives you more time for the difficult questions, as you would need relatively less time for the easy ones

3.Misinterpreting A Question: The only way to avoid misinterpreting a question is to read through the question at least twice. Underline the key words in the question. Make sure you understand what those keywords mean. Many time we waste lot of time in this  and loose the examination

4.Failing To Bring Along Required Stationery Or Items. If you run out of stationary,your time will be wasted in getting that from some one

5.Forgetting To Write Down Your Names And Other Personal Particulars: Put all the particulars on the paper correctly

6. Marking  the wrong multiple choice answer in answer sheet: pay special attention to this.Many time we circle the wrong one and our whole hardwork is wastage

7.Ignoring the clock.: Keep a tab of the time

8.Arriving Late For A Paper: Come 30 min before starting the paper and relax
9.Starting With The Most Difficult Question: This is the worst mistake,if you fall in this trap,you will loose all the easy one

10) Poor  and slow writing skill

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