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Uses of Good and bad absorbers of Thermal radiation

1) Appetite is increased in Winters

Atmospheric temperature  is reduced in winters but body temperature remains the same.So more heat is lost  by the body.So we tend to eat more  to make up for the loss

2)The bottom of the cooking utencils is kept black and rough

Black and rough surface absorb more heat  from the burner and cooks the food rapidly

3) Cloudy nights are hotter than clear night skys

It is known that earth becomes hot in the day time due to solar heat and becomes cool in the night by radiation

In clear night sky, heat from earth goes to the sky by the radiation

In cloudy nights,Heat radition strikes the cloud which is bad absorber ,so its reflect the radiation back  which therefore remains hot

4)White clothes are comfortable in Summers and colured clothes in winters

White clothes are bad absorber of heat,they absorb very little the solar heat incident on them and reflect it most of it.So they are cool and comfortable in summers

Coloured clothes absorb most of the heat  incident on them and keep the body warm,So it is comfortable in winters


5)Deserts are very hot in day and very cool in Night:

Sand is good absorber of heat,So it absorb lot of heat in the day . In night ,it losed heat by radiation and becomes cool

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