Molarity Practice Worksheet

Question 1

Calculate the Molarity of the below solutions

a.100 g NaCl dissolved in 1500 cm3 solution

b..2 Moles of AgNO3 in 2 L of solution

c.16 gm of CH3OH in 400 cm3 of solution

Molar Mass of NaCL = 58.5 g/Moles

Molar Mass of CH3 OH = 32 g/Moles


a.14 M

b..1 M

c. 25 M


Question 2

Find the volume of the 2.5 M sugar solution which contains .2 moles of sugar?


.08 L

Question 3

How much solute A is required to prepare id 400 ml of M/4 solution? Given Molar Mass of A = 132.1 g/M


13.21 g

Question 4

An aqueous solution of the substance A contain 28%  of A by weight. The density of the solution is 1.2 g/mL. Find the molarity of the solution

Given the Molar Mass of the substance A = 36.5 g/Moles


9.2 M


Question 5.

A solution is prepared by mixing 2L of 4 M HCL solution and 3L of 1.5 M HCL solution. Find the Molarity of the final solution?


2.5 M

Question 6

A solution of 3 L and 1 M NaOH is prepared by mixing solutions of 2.50 M and .400 M NaOH respectively. Find the volume of the solution added


.857 L of 2.5 M

2.14 L of .4 M

Question 7

We have chemical equation given as

Zn + H2 SO4  -> Zn SO4 + H2

Calculate the volume of 2 M H2 SO4 required to react with 10g of Zinc

Molar Mass of Zn= 65.4 g/Moles


76.5 mL

Question 8

How much water should be added to 5L of 6.0 M HCL to make a solution of 2.0M HCL?


10 L

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