how to choose your engineering college

Just scoring well in AIEEE is not enough. What is important is to choose the right field of engineering you wish to pursue and which college should you enroll? In this engineering admission season, Learnhub speaks to experts and students to help you choose the right college and stream of engineering. So get clicking to make the correct choice.
In this lesson, we will try to sort out your confusion on what should be the parameters to pick your engineering college. Should brand take precedence over placements or should faculty be given importance over infrastructure? Let’s find out…

Paramagnetic Substances

Paramagnetic substances are those materials which when placed in magnetic field becomes weakly magnetized in the direction of the external field. Some examples of paramagnetic substances are platinum, aluminium, chromium, manganese, copper sulphate, liquid oxygen etc. When a paramagnetic bar is placed in the magnetic field , the magnetic flux density in it is greater than the magnetic flux density B0 in the vacuum.

What are magnetic properties of matter

All substances possess magnetic properties and most general definition of magnetism defines it as a particular form of interactions originating between moving electrically charged particles.
Magnetic interaction relates spatially separate material objects and it is transmitted by means of magnetic field about which we have already studied .This magnetic field is important characteristics of EM form of matter.

Wave velocity in a continuous system

Any system whose particle motion are governed by classical wave equation is a system in which harmonic waves of any wavelength can travel with the speed v
The value of v depends on the elastic and inertial properties of the system under consideration.
(1) Transverse wave on a stretched string

Displacement of the string is governed by the equation

Tips for CBSE Exams

Examination time is the time when you are busy most of your time doing nothing but studying hard round the clock even in night so that you can score good marks in your exams and get promoted to new class. Although it is important to study hard during your exams but you should not let exam pressure take over you and you should not feel stressed during your exam days. Do not feel anxius and remember that at the end of the day, it is after all just an exam!