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How to solve physics numericals effectively

1) Draw a  clear diagram showing all the systems and interaction between them.For mechanics problem,Free body diagram provide immense help in solving the problem. Problem will become easier once it is drawn out.

2) In any problem of physics, some information is given and value of some variable is to be found. Jot down all the known quantities on one side and  List all the unknown for which you are solving the problem on the other side

3)  Establish which general principle relates the given parameters to the quantity that you are seeking. Usually your picture will suggest the correct method and formulas. Sometimes it may be necessary to obtain further information from your textbook or notes before the proper formulas can be chosen.

4) Take your formula and try to solve for one variable at a time. Solve for each variable that is listed under the “unknown” category. Try to solve for variables that you can determine easily first.

5) you must use consistent system  for all the quantities involve. This will ensure you get correct answer

6) Finally check if the result makes sense to you

7) Master these technique in physics homework ,then you should be able to finish your physics examination with in given time and with no mistakes

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