Tips and Tricks to crack JEE 2019 without coaching

Students often thinks that It is important to go coaching classes to clear the JEE Main and JEE Advanced examination .There is no doubt that Coaching classes do make education easy with knowledge being imparted by professional tutors.But it is not the only thing for success.Self study plays a major role is succeeding in the most prestigious examination in India.So students can crack JEE without coaching  also. The key is the proper study plan and dedication towards studies.Months of study, hours of preparation, and a lot of dedication are needed to pass this examination.
Advantages of Self-Study over Coaching Classes
1) Its save a lot of traveling time to study and revise. Coaching classes are located at a distance So lot of time is wasted in travelling. Students get tired and fail to study on their own when they are back home.

2) Coaching have designed the classes as per masses not as per individual. So When you study at home, you do at your own pace and time,
Tips and tricks for self study(crack JEE without coaching)

1) Collect Relevant Study Material and study it:

JEE is the toughest examination and we will need some guidance to clear it. Expert Guidance provide us good steps in our approach and They also help us in formulating the strategy for the examination. It also help is clearing our doubts in a timely manner and correcting our mistakes.So We should take postal course or check the good study material online.You can try and get old postal coaching material from students who have appeared for JEE recently.There are several JEE study packages published by eminent book houses that can be used. Solve previous year’s test papers and collect test papers with solutions. You can also find comprehensive course details in CDs and DVDs.
2) Set a Proper time table: Since you are not going to coaching institute, Devise your own time table to prepare for JEE Examination and stick with it no matter whatever happens. Keep the time distraction free so that you can get best benefit from it
3) Analytical Approach and focus on Basic Fundamentals

IITJEE examination are different from Board examination. They concentrate more on analytical thinking and fundamentals.So Our Basics concept should be very clear and we should follow analytical approach in all the subjects.So Clear basic concepts .You have to prepare well and solve test papers. If you have clear concepts, you can easily clear JEE Main 2019
4) Create notes

When you decide not to attend a coaching class, you should start preparing your own notes. While studying, or during an online interactive session, keep a paper and pen handy to jot down important points. When you study, these points can really help.These notes will also help you in revision in the last days of your preparation. Chemistry notes are must for every one
5) Spend more time on the subjects you are not very good at and  Polish your weaker areas
The examination tests the skills in Maths,Physics and Chemistry. It is very much possible to be weak in one subject.So study hard for the subject and devote more time to it as all the subjects need to scored well to get the good ranks in the examination.By studying hard, you should be able overcome your weakness and get your coveted goal.Seek help: Don’t hesitate to seek help from JEE experts. Students, professors and online tutors can help you with their knowledge and experiences. This can prepare you for the exam.
6) Take a good Test series

The examination atmosphere is very different from Home.So many students feel nervous when taking the examination. All the successful IITIAN’s believe Test series is a must as it make you used to the examination feeling and you will more confident. Apart from that it will expose your weak areas and then you can focus on improving that.

7) Be focused:
First of all, you should be mentally prepared and keep a positive approach towards your goal. You need to have single minded focus to clear the examination. All the time in your preparation ,you should stay focus on the goal and works on it to achieve success. This is same as Arjuna focus in Mahabharata.Arjuna was able to strike at the right place as he focus on

8) Hard work and sincere efforts to preparation

Many successful IITIAN’s believe that handwork is the keep to the success to the most coveted examination in this country. We have to study long hours to clear the doubt,learn the basics and work on the subject where we are bad. They all believe Intelligence is not the substitute of Hard work.In these times you have to take the board examination also and then the IIT examination,So many times you may feel exhausted and Frustrated but we have to remember that hard work is only key and we have sincere efforts for the preparation. Half Hearted preparation will not work.

9) Practice

IITJEE questions test are intelligently designed questions and they test many skills.So we need to practice more and more to clear those problems.Take good books and attempt many questions from it. It will gives very different perspective and give you immense confidence
10) Time management

The examination paper need to completed in 3 hours of time interval so time is big thing here. we should give proper emphasis to the time management. We should be able to quickly solve the problem so as to attempt as many questions in the examination. Also we should not wasting time on the questions in the examination which we feel is tough and take long time. Attempt all the easy questions first. Devote equal time to the subjects in the paper as all are important. If you get stuck with any point while answering a particular question, move on to the next and leave space to answer it later.Do not panic if you forget an answer/point. It is obvious for all students and you can easily recall it later while revising your paper

11) Interact with JEE experts:
Keep in touch with the students who have cleared JEE test so that you can get a better guidance. They will let you know about Do’s and Don’ts for JEE test.

12) Group study
Working with a competitive study group goes a very long way in the successful preparation of JEE. Group discussion with teachers and fellow students will recreate a cooperative environment to multiply your knowledge exponentially. Students can Quiz and challenge each other with questions from the JEE syllabus.

13) Revision
You should revise the syllabus as many times as you can. It will increase your test-taking speed.It will give you a clear picture about the topics you’re weak in. It will help you remember  how to take the tough questions

14) Eat ,Exercise and  sleep well:
Having a good diet is as much essential as studying. Your brain needs regular energy from food to work efficiently. You must have at least 8 hours of proper sleep to relax your brain.You should do exercise also ,it also boost happiness and you study well then

Hope you like the tips and trick to crack JEE without coaching. Hardwork ,proper planning and dedication is the key

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