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We have added free printable assignments for iitjee and other competitive exams along with their solutions. please visit this link assignments for following chapters were uploaded Heat Transfer Thermodynamics Read more [...]

Maxwell’s Equations – Integral form of Faraday’s law (Part 5)

So, if flux through any surface changes, an electric field is produced along the boundary of that surface. Again if there is a conducting material present along that boundary then induced field provides an emf that produces a current through that conducting material. Moving a bar magnet through a loop of wire produces electric current in the wire but if you hold magnet stationary with respect of the loop there would be no induced current.
The negative sign in Faraday’s law tell you that the induced emf opposes the change in flux – that is, it tends to maintain the existing flux. This is called Lenz’s law.

Recommended books for B.Sc physics Part-1

I have written several article where I have written about recommended books for various exams. This is one more article about books that a student can use for B.Sc. exams. Course structure of various indian universities vary but you can have books according to your needs and if you are planning to have a career in physics then you can consider buying books that you might benefit you when you go for your masters degree in physics. You can always hunt down your college library for these books.

Study Package for Physics for JEE Main & Advanced

Study Package for Physics for JEE Main and Advanced 2014 is a set of 12 books that are designed to prepare students for the Joint Entrance Examination, carried out by the Indian Institutes of Technology. This package comprises four sections. The Electromagnetism section has four booklets, covering subjects such as magnetic effects of current, electric circuits, direct current and electromagnetic induction. The General Mechanics section has three books, which cover topics such as vectors, circular motion, gravitation and the utilization of Maths in Physics.

Solving physics problems

Lots of time students me how can they solve physics problems and they say that they are having difficulty in solving physics problems. So here I decided to address this issue. Now first of all I would say that do not be afraid of the subject as I say again and again physics to me is most basic of all sciences and you must find the subject interesting and give yourself reasons for studying it for me it was just what I wanted to study till my masters degree and now I like helping students understanding physics.

Work and energy 9th class short questions

Mark short answer questions

1) What is the work done by a force equal to?
2. Name two factors on which kinetic energy depends.
3. What is the commercial unit of energy?
4. Relate 1 kWh with joule.
5. State the law of conservation of energy.
6. Why do we say work done against gravity is negative?
7. What is average power?

Physics of Amusement Park’s

You must have ride Roller coaster or ferris wheel in the amusement park. Its up and down and moving in the circle must have thrilled and fascinated you Today I would like to give a brief details about those machine and how you feel different in those rides

Rechecking Rules for CBSE 12 Class 2014

CBSE has introduced new rule from 2014 onwards on the verification and reevalation of the Marks.Earliar this was used to be done offline but now all the process would be done online.No offline application would be accepted.

The process starts in following steps