JEE advanced examination 2016

JEE advanced examination 2016 JEE advanced examination  2016 would be held on 22 May 2016 Here are the highlights of the examination 1) the exam will be divided into two parts. The first parts (Paper 1) will be conducted from 9 am to 12 noon, while, the second paper (Paper 2) will be held from… Read More »

Guidelines for filling JEE Main 2016 Application Form

JEE Main 2016 Application Form will be tentatively available from first week of November.The annoucement should be coming anytime now. Students will be given one month time to fill and submit the online form by registering, uploading scanned images (of photograph, signature and left thumb impression in JPEG formats) and fee payment. Application fee payment… Read More »

JEE Advanced 2016 syllabus

JEE Advanced 2016 syllabus CHEMISTRY Physical chemistry General topics: Concept of atoms and molecules; Dalton’s atomic theory; Mole concept; Chemical formulae; Balanced chemical equations; Calculations (based on mole concept) involving common oxidation-reduction, neutralisation, and displacement reactions; Concentration in terms of mole fraction, molarity,molality and normality. Gaseous and liquid states: Absolute scale of temperature, ideal gas… Read More »

NCERT Motion Class 9 Solution

Here are few problem solution for NCERT Motion class 9 solution. each solution is detailed enough to clear all the doubt I  have given them some short and some long type questions Short question: Question   1: When will you say a body is in (i) uniform acceleration? (ii) non- uniform acceleration? Solution: Uniform Acceleration: A… Read More »

How to do the physics problems

Physics is one of the toughest subject and student often feel panic in that.I am writing this article to help student overcome the fear and panic
Now first of all I would say that do not be afraid of the subject as I say again and again physics to me is most basic of all sciences and you must find the subject interesting and give yourself reasons for studying it for me it was just what I wanted to study till my masters degree and now I like helping students understanding physics.

Now you have your reasons of studying the subject here I’ll list points which I feel necessary in how to do physics problems

National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) 2015-2016

National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) 2015-2016 What is National Talent Search Examination (NTSE)?  It is a national-level scholarship program in the Indian Union to identify and recognize students with high intellect and academic talent. It is one of the most prestigious exams in India. Around 300,000 students (a largely self selective group of students) appear… Read More »