9 Amazing Reasons to Attend Techniche’15

Techniche is the annual techno management festival organized by the student community of IIT Guwahati. The seventeenth edition of Techniche is all set for a grand start on 3 rd of September. Techniche encompasses events ranging from various facets like technology, management and fun. Lecture Series: The Lecture Series, serves as a platform to inspire and motivate thousands… Read More »

Predefined Module by Techniche’15

As the countdown begins, an endless stream of activity ripples the face of Techniche’15. This year Techniche gives you a wonderful time converting your boring subjects into something awesome. The Predefined module manifests itself with a quintessential platform for young innovators and learners. This module consists of events where your pre-preparations majorly decide the outcome. With the problem… Read More »

Electrostatics class 12 and iitjee summary (pdf download)

Summary of electrostatics This article is about the quick summary of electrostatics for class 12 and iitjee. You can also download electrostatics quick summary PDF if you like and do not forget to share the page so that other people also know about this article on electrostatics summary for class 12 and competitive exams like… Read More »

Light rays Waves or particles

When we think of light a question comes to our mind whether it light is a wave or a particle. This discussion is very interesting and has got a long history. Newton the great physicist tried to understand travel of light in straight line assuming that a luminous body emits very minute and weightless particles called corpuscles travelling through empty space in straight line in all directions with the speed of light and carry kinetic energy with them.

Industrial Conclave, Techniche’15

To surge ahead in this world of cut throat competition, one needs to have a proper blend of technical skills and managerial skills. To achieve this, Techniche organizes Industrial Conclave. Techniche invites several renowned industrialists who are the big shots in their respective fields to bridge down the gap that lies between an aspiring entrepreneur and a successful… Read More »

IIT Guwahati Model United Nations

Diplomacy is an art. Research and an understanding of policies are the essential colors to paint the blank canvas of an MUN conference. This novel canvas is the simulation of the highest level of world diplomacy – the United Nations.
A year back, MUN knocked the doors of North East’s largest Techno-management festival, Techniche as IIT Guwahati

Equilibrium and Potential energy

What is Equilibrium

A rigid body is supposed to be in equilibrium if there is no change in translational motion and no change in rotational motion
The general conditions for equilibrium are as follows
(i) The total force must be zero
(ii) The total torque about any axis must be zero.
In many cases it is convenient to consider torques about axes through the centre of gravity.

Types of equilibrium
We can divide the equilibrium into two categories With respect to the state of a body
1. Static equilibrium.
2. Dynamic equilibrium.