How to solve Simple Harmonic Motion(SHM) problems effectively for JEE Main/Advanced

What is Periodic Motion : In Physics, a motion that is regular and repeating is called Periodic Motion. The time to complete one full motion is called the Time period of the Periodic Motion
What is SHM: A Simple Harmonic Motion is a special case of Periodic motion where a physical quatity varies sinusoidally.In this Periodic motion the restoring force is directly proportional to the displacement. The object oscillates between two position and Motion is sinusoidally in nature.

Important Solved Functions problems for JEE Maths

Functions Chapter in mathematics is quite important for JEE Preparation. Fundamentals of this chapter is required to clear to move ahead.I am trying to give few Important Solved Functions problems for JEE Maths in this article . You can refer below link for below for the detailed study material on Relations and Function Relation and function Study material So Here we go.I hope you will like … Continue reading Important Solved Functions problems for JEE Maths »

Confused Between JEE Main and KEAM? Here’s What You Should Opt

Getting into one of the top engineering colleges is a dream for many but getting admitted in those isn’t a cakewalk and clearing entrance exam is the gateway. JEE Main 2018 which is one of the most sought-after entrances invited approximately 11.5 lakh applications in the current year. And, the national level entrance exam provides admission to candidates in the prestigious IITs, NITs, IIITs and … Continue reading Confused Between JEE Main and KEAM? Here’s What You Should Opt »

Super Quick Maths Calculation Using vedic maths

Learning to perform fast mental mathscalculation will help you immensely irrespective of which field of life you deal with.Knowing these mental maths tricks will give you a positive edge over the others.Whether you are a student,aspiring engineer,statistician,scientist,school teacher or anyone else dealing with numbers,learning this quick mental tricks and techniques

(popularly known as Vedic Maths techniques) is always going to benefit you.

Tips and Tricks to crack JEE 2018 without coaching

Students often thinks that It is important to go coaching classes to clear the JEE Main and JEE Advanced examination .There is no doubt that Coaching classes do make education easy with knowledge being imparted by professional tutors.But it is not the only thing for success.Self study plays a major role is succeeding in the most prestigious examination in India.So students can crack JEE without coaching … Continue reading Tips and Tricks to crack JEE 2018 without coaching »

CBSE sample paper for class 10

  This page consists of lot of cbse sample papers for class 10 for both maths and Science. So all the best for your exams. If you like the content do not forget to like share or comment at the section given below. you will find extra resource links (science study material) at the end of the page.   CBSE Science sample paper for class 10(2017-2018) … Continue reading CBSE sample paper for class 10 »

Mathematics Important Questions for Class 12 Board

Question 1) The x-coordinate of a point on the line joining the points P(2, 2, 1) and Q(5, 1, – 2) is 4. Find its z-coordinate Question 2) Write the principle value of  tan-1(1) +cos-1(-1/2) Question 3) A fair coin is tossed 8 times, find the probability of (i) exactly 5 heads (ii) at least six heads (iii) at most six heads Question 4) Three … Continue reading Mathematics Important Questions for Class 12 Board »

Tips and strategies for CBSE Board 2018

1) First Important steps towards the CBSE Board 2104 would be to prepare a time table of Study and revision and try to stick to it. Devote around 6-8 hours for studies on the daily basis.

2) Time management is another skill which will be very useful during the examination. It means you should be knowing how much time need to be devoted to each question. Writing just enough for the question. Attempting the larger marks questions. You should be taking simulating exam situation in your home and give as many practice papers as possible

3) Do not play with your Health,Eating habits.Stick to the routine and follow normal health routine. Breathing exercise could be very helpful during this time