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CBSE Class 10 Important Questions on Reproduction

Download class 10 biology Important Questions on How do Organisms Reproduce

Here are few CBSE class 10 important questions on reproduction for class 10 biology chapter How do organisms reproduce . You can also download the questions for your offline use.

Fill in the blanks

  1. Examples of spore formation are ………………….
  2. Female part of the flower is called ………………..
  3. After fertilization ovary develops into ……………..
  4. Female sex hormone is ……………………..
  5. Foetus obtains its food through mother by ………………..

One marks question

  1. What is the difference between fission and fragmentation?
  2. What is implantation?
  3. What is regeneration? Define with example?
  4. Name two examples of sexually transmitted diseases with their causing agent.
  5. Write the difference between self-pollination and cross pollination.

Three marks questions

  1. What is tissue culture write its advantages?
  2. Describe fertilization in flower.
  3. Write different methods through which pregnancy can be controlled?
  4. What are different male reproductive organs? Describe the functions of each.
  5. What is vegetative propagation? Describe one natural method of vegetative propagation with example?

Five marks questions

  1. Draw a well labelled diagram of female reproductive system.
  2. Differentiate between zygote, embryo and foetus?
  3. How seed is germinated?

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Download Reproduction Test Paper (Class 10)


Reproduction Test Paper (Class 10)
Reproduction Test Paper (Class 10)
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