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How to cope the exam stress

11 Smart ways to relieve stress during examination time

Students deal with lots of stress during the examination days. We can reduce the stress and stay calm and get success by following these simple steps stress during examination time

1)Take practice tests. The single best way to prepare is to practice. Taking sample exams under similar conditions as the real one will familiarize you and increase your confidence Level. This should be done few days before the examination days. The day before examination should be kept for  revising  the notes only
2) Listen only to experts advice.Do not take any tricks from your friends
3) Review your notes the day before. This will leave information fresh in your memory
4) Get everything ready for the big day. Any paperwork or equipment (forms, identification, calculators etc )should be neatly stacked in a convenient spot the night before the test. This will guarantee that test day begins well and not with a panicked run around the house to look for missing items
5) Know your testing site and get clear direction
6) Finally relax. It may means different for different people.Some will get relax by walking ,some by exercise.Have a good sleep the before the examination day. Eat well during the examination days. And do some exercise to relax your mind
7) On the examination day, Take good breakfast and reach the examination site bit early and relax there
8) Make your strategy for the paper.Some students attempt all the easy questions first and then come to tough one.Choose the strategy which suites you well
9) When you are in the actual exam, remind yourself that even if you fail or do not receive the grade you would like, it is NOT the end of the world. Try and stay calm, and just try your best as this is all you can do.
10) Keep looking at the time. This will help you plan your time during the exam and stay calm. Don’t rush the questions, read them thoroughly and answer them carefully.

11)  Take break in the preparation time.  We cannot study  at stretch for long time as our concentration decrease. So take break in between to help yourself

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