Laws of motion practice paper for class 11 physics

This article is about Laws of motion practice paper for class 11 physics. These are a set of 10 questions which you can use as a practice test after completing your chapter. You can print this article. Try to complete these questions in one hour time frame.

Laws of motion practice paper

Question 1 A piece of cork is floating on water. What is the net force acting on it.

Question 2 Why is that an athlete always runs some distance before taking the jump.

Question 3 A stone thrown on a glass window smashes the window pane into pieces, but a bullet from the gun passes through making a clean hole. Why?

Question 4 A thief jumps upper story of a house with a load on his back. What is the force of the load on his back when the thief is in the air?

Question 5 A block of mass $M$ is pulled along a horizontal friction-less surface by the rope of mass $m$. A force $P$ is applied at the free end of the rope. Find the force exerted by the rope on the block.

Question 6 State Newton’s third law of motion and drive law of conservation of linear momentum from it.

Question 7 Distinguish between static friction, limiting friction and kinetic friction. How do they vary with applied force, explain by diagram.

Question 8 What is meant by banking of roads? Obtain an expression for the maximum speed with which a vehicle can safely negotiate a curved road banked at an angle $theta$. The coefficient of friction between the wheels and the road is $mu$.

Question 9 When an automobile moving with a speed of 36 km/h reaches an upward inclined road of angle $30^0$, its engine is switched off. If the coefficient of friction involved is 0.1 , how much distance will the automobile move before coming to the rest.

Question 10 Define the term impulse. Give its SI unit. Prove that the impulse of a force is equal to the change in the momentum.

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