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MATHS 9th CBSE QUESTIONS for unsolved

This page contains MATHS 9th CBSE QUESTIONS and are unsolved questions. So test your skills and see if you can solve them.

1) If X is any point in the interior of triangle ABC. Prove that XA+XB+XC> (1/2) (AB+BC+CA).

2) Using the factor theorem, factorize the polynomial
x4 + 2x3 – 13x2 – 14x + 24.

3) Factorize: 8x4 + 2x2 -1.
4)The sides of a triangle are in the ration of 13 : 14 : 15 and its perimeter is 84 cm.
Find the area of the triangle. Also find the altitude of the triangle corresponding to the longest side.

5) State five postulates of Euclid
6)Write the coordinate point (i) below x-axis, lying on y axis at a distance of 5 units (ii) lying on x-axis to the left of origin at a distance of 6 units.

7) The maximum number of zeroes of the polynomial p(y)=myb is :
(A) b+1 (B) m (C) m+1 (D) b

8) In triangle ABC, if angle A > angle B > angle C then :
(A) AB > AC (B) AC < BC (C) AB > BC (D) AC > BC

9) the points A(0 , 2) , B (0, 6) and C(a, 3) lie on y-axis, then the value of a
is :
(A) 0 (B) 2 (C) 3 (D) 6

10)If a point C lies between two points A and B such that AC?BC, then prove that
AC= 1/2AB.

11)If x, y, z are real numbers and x2+y2+z2-xy-yz-xz=0 then show that

12) A sphere,cone and cylinder have equal radii. The height of the cone and cylinder is equal to diameter of the sphere.find the ratio of the their respective volumes
13) Prove that two triangles are congruent if any two angles and the included side of one triangle is equal to
any two angles and the included side of the other triangle.

14) The side of the equilateral triangle is 3 cm.Find the perimeter and area of the triangle

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