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Solving physics problems

Solving physics problems

Lots of time students me how can they solve physics problems and they say that they are having difficulty in solving physics problems. So here I decided to address this issue. Now first of all I would say that do not be afraid of the subject as I say again and again physics to me is most basic of all sciences and you must find the subject interesting and give yourself reasons for studying it for me it was just what I wanted to study till my masters degree and now I like helping students understanding physics.

Now you have your reasons of studying the subject here I’ll list points which I feel necessary in solving physics problems

  1. Before you start solving problems of any particular topic in physics say Newton’s Laws of motion you must know the concept through and through.
  2. You must be aware of mathematical tools that you might require to solve the problem.
  3. Then you can draw diagrams showing forces or fields , co-ordinates etc. that are given and that are to be determined. I mean you have to decide using information given in the questions what quantities are known what are unknown and what is being asked to find in the question. Building diagrams and visualization is very important.
  4. Now decide which formula can give you the result and solve your equations accordingly.
  5. Remember to include units to your answers.
  6. Always work clearly while solving your problems so that you can cross check if your answer is correct and it make sense.
  7. In the end I would like to say that please solve lots and lots of problems on each and every topic as this is the only way to clear your concepts and will give you a lots of confidence when you appear for your exams.

I have written one more article related to this topic you might find that helpful here is the link
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Do not miss this short presentation on how to memorize physics formulas
[iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/-Wqrw4G79Kc” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen][/iframe]

Hope you people get what I am trying to say. You might have your own tips and tricks that you people use so please share them with us in the comments section given below so that other people can also benefit from them.

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