TOP 10 Successful Tips for JEE Examination

Tips for JEE Examination

I research various interview given by the IITIAN’s  and compile a list of Tips for success in the most coveted examination in the country.Here are the Successful Tips for  JEE Examination

1) Single Minded Focus
ALL the successful IITIAN’s share the same view. You need to have single minded focus to clear the examination. All the time in your preparation, you should stay focus on the goal and works on it to achieve success.  This is same as Arjun focus in Mahabharata. Arjun was able to strike at the right place as his focus on it.

2) Analytical Approach and focus on Basic Fundamentals

IITJEE examinations are different from Board examination. They concentrate more on analytical thinking and fundamentals. So Our Basics concept should be very clear and we should follow analytical approach in all the subjects.

3) Spend more time on the subjects you are not very good at

The examination tests the skills in Maths, Physics and Chemistry.  It is very much possible to be weak in one subject. So study hard for the subject and devote more time to it as all the subjects need to score well to get the good ranks in the examination. By studying hard, you should be able overcome your weakness and get your coveted goal.

4) Taking the Test Series

The examination atmosphere is very different from Home. So many students feel nervous when taking the examination. All  the successful IITIAN’s believe Test series is a must as it make you used to the examination feeling and you will more confident. Apart from that it will expose your weak areas and then you can focus on improving that.

5) Taking proper Guidance either through regular coaching/Online course/Correspondence course

IITJEE is the toughest examination and we will need some guidance to clear it.  Expert Guidance provides us good steps in our approach and they also help us in formulating the strategy for the examination. It also help is clearing our doubts in a timely manner and correcting our mistakes. As per successful IITIAN’s you should either opt for postal or classroom coaching or Online Coaching. You can try and get old postal coaching material from students who have appeared for JEE recently.

6) Hard work and sincere efforts to preparation

Many successful IITIAN’s believe that handwork is the keep to the success to the most coveted examination in this country. We have to study long hours to clear the doubt, learn the basics and work on the subject where we are bad. They all believe Intelligence is not the substitute of hard work. In these times you have to take the board examination also and then the IIT examination, So many times you may feel exhausted and frustrated but we have to remember that hard work is only key and we have sincere efforts for the preparation. Half Hearted preparation will not work.

7) Practice

IITJEE questions test are intelligently designed questions and they test many skills. So we need to practice more and more to clear those problems. Take good books and attempt many questions from it. It will gives very different perspective and give you immense confidence

8) Long term planning

All the successful IITIAN’s are of the view that preparation for IITJEE/IIT ADVANCED/IIT MAIN should start from 10th class and we should have a long term planning for it and we should stick with it.

9) Time management

The examination paper needs to complete in 3 hours of time interval so time is big thing here. We should give proper emphasis to the time management. We should be able to quickly solve the problem so as to attempt as many questions in the examination. Also we should not waste time on the questions in the examination which we feel is tough and take long time. Attempt all the easy questions first. Devote equal time to the subjects in the paper as all are important. If you get stuck with any point while answering a particular question, move on to the next and leave space to answer it later. Do not panic if you forget an answer/point. It is obvious for all students and you can easily recall it later while revising your paper

10) Do exercise, Takes break and Take some relax to release the tension and Motivation from the parents

Last tips from all the IITIAN’s are to stay healthy. Do some exercise and play some sports as it help in relaxing the mind. Do take some breaks to relax your body.
Motivation from parents and siblings is very important. It gives us immense support and motivates to excel in the examination. Give yourself rewards if you clear anything tough as it motivates you to crack tougher question and things.

Hope you like the Tips for JEE Examination

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