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Tips to take good notes in the class

Good note taking is one of the important steps to success in Exam’s.Good notes capture the most important facts and enable you to understand how every fact

fits into a larger puzzle.Here are some of the tips

(1) Don’t write the each word of the teacher. Summarize your notes in your own words, not the instructor’s.

(2)Take down key words and concepts, not sentences. Develop your own system of abbreviations or symbols (such as w/ for “with” or math symbols such as > or =) to take down key points

(3) Teacher will often signal what is most important point to remember. Mark them with an arrow or write with in the box

(4) Takes the notes in outline method i.e., write main topics and then write the important points and data in dotted format.

(5) It is possible that you don’t get few things clearly. Bold them out and check with relevant material after the class or ask them to teacher at the end of


(6) it will be good to jot down other students questions and answer. This provide additional information on the topic and another perspective

(7) It will be good to revise the chapter after the class is completed as you remember about that and This will laid solid foundation for the topic

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