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Laws of motion practice paper for class 11 physics

This article is about Laws of motion practice paper for class 11 physics. These are a set of 10 questions which you can use as a practice test after completing your chapter. You can print this article. Try to complete these questions in one hour time frame. Find Downloads related to this articles at Units and measurements assignment Dimensional analysis worksheet dimensional analysis practice problems … Continue reading Laws of motion practice paper for class 11 physics »

Is it New IITs or Old NITs: What’s the better option?

While we all know, the dream to get into one of the IITs is common among the Engineering aspirants and the preparation starts from an early phase. Some start the IIT preparation from their school even before stepping into class 11th and a major chunk starts dreaming of IIT from the time they get promoted to class 11th. While this is the craze for IITs, … Continue reading Is it New IITs or Old NITs: What’s the better option? »

Help Your Child in Understanding Complex Concepts

Most of us are well aware of the fact that it is much difficult to convince your children to learn Complex stuff all because of the topic being deemed shallow or plain boring. Children nowadays are distracted with all kinds of stuffs like movies, games and so on. Hence new tactics and methods should be employed unlike the conventional ways like reading NCERT Books to … Continue reading Help Your Child in Understanding Complex Concepts »

CBSE Board Class 12th Result 2017 announced

CBSE 12th result 2017 has been  announced on May 28  on time as promised by  the press release  by the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) . There has been lot of speculation about the result  due to decision to go away with Mark Moderation Policy. Finally the High Court has asked CBSE to follow the same policy which was in use when students gave … Continue reading CBSE Board Class 12th Result 2017 announced »

WBJEE 2017

Introduction to WBJEE 2017 The West Bengal Joint Entrance Examinations Board was formed in the year 1962 for the purpose of holding Common Entrance Examinations for admission to the Undergraduate Level Engineering Courses in the State of West Bengal. For the 2017–2018 academic session, the Board will conduct the Common Entrance Examination for admission to Undergraduate Courses in Engineering & Technology, Pharmacy and Architecture in … Continue reading WBJEE 2017 »


VITEEE 2017  is the VIT University engineering entrance exam for students seeking admission to the first year engineering programme in Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT). VITEEE is a computer based exam which is conducted yearly to seek admission to Vellore Institute of Technology for its Vellore & Chennai Campus. VIT university offers 20 Undergraduate, 34 Postgraduate, 4 Integrated & 4 Research programmes. There are nearly … Continue reading VITEEE 2017 »

Physics project for class 12

Introduction to physics project for class 12 physics investigatory projects for class 12 carry 3 Marks in the Final Examination. Let us take a took at some important concept What is Science: Our knowledge of the natural world and the process through which that knowledge is built The process of science involves many layers of complexity, but the key points of that process are straightforward.There are … Continue reading Physics project for class 12 »

Ridiculously Effective Time management activities For Students

1) Prepare a Schedule/Calendar for the studies.You only have 24 hours a day, 168 hours a week . Effective study time management means that you use your given time in the most efficient way. Therefore it is important to prepare a regularly updated schedule/calendar, where you:

a) write down all your scheduled tests
b) write down all tasks, assignments and duties,
c) record your planned leisure-activities, such as gym, etc.
d) Write an ordered list of what you need to get done.Prioritize the items on your list.