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Homework Tips for Students to Get the Best Results

Are you doing homework right now? That is good. As a student, you have to do all our assignments. We hope you did not have to stay home while your friends went out to party. We are sure that sometimes you wish you could ask someone to help you to do all your pending work. Especially help with the homework for difficult courses like algebra, … Continue reading Homework Tips for Students to Get the Best Results »

Best Study Material for LIC ADO 2019 Prelims

Thousands of candidates share a common aspiration of getting shortlisted for the profile of Apprentice Development Officer (ADO) in LIC India. Making your way to the top 8,581 positions will be an uphill task unless you do not follow a smart preparation strategy. Your road to occupy a vacancy for the ADO profile starts with best study material, including recommended books, mock tests, and previous … Continue reading Best Study Material for LIC ADO 2019 Prelims »

Helpful Tips, or How to Get a Perfectly Done Task

Those students who often use online services for getting their tasks done by professionals know how to find the best provider/ but what should you do if your homework is really bothering you, but just getting it done by somebody is not a solution? What could a student do if he/she will need to explain the homework to the tutor? So, none of all those … Continue reading Helpful Tips, or How to Get a Perfectly Done Task »

cbse Syllabus of Maths and Science for Class6 to Class12

Here are the CBSE syllabus of  Maths and Science for Class  6 ,class 7,class 8, class 9 ,class 10 , class 11 and  Class 12.  You can click and download on your PC of easy viewing. Class Math’s Science Class 6 Download Download Class 7 Download Download Class 8 Download Download Class 9 Download Download Class 10 Download Download Class 11 Download Physics Download Chemistry … Continue reading cbse Syllabus of Maths and Science for Class6 to Class12 »

Essay Writers Online at Should You Get Academic Help Here?

There are plenty of websites where you can hire professional essay writers online. However, today we are going to speak about a company that puts a creative twist on the way these services usually work. Instead of hiring its own writers and assigning them to orders received from clients, represents a platform where you can get in touch with a huge number of freelance … Continue reading Essay Writers Online at Should You Get Academic Help Here? »

10 common mistake in Examination

1) Panicking Before Or During A Paper: Always prepare for a test or exam well in advance.Have a good night’s sleep before the date of the test or exam.Keep reassuring yourself that you can do it. Once you stop doubting yourself, you will stop panicking. If all else fails, comfort yourself that it is only a paper. It’s not the end of the world even if you don’t do well for just one paper.So just relax and Do some breathing exercise to relax

2.Failing To Scan Through The Questions Once: Do not immediately start answer the first question. Give yourself about 5 minutes to read through all the questions. Put a tick against the easy questions and a cross against the difficult ones. Then, proceed to answer the easy questions first! Always leave the difficult questions to the last. This ensures that you would have answered most of the questions in the paper should you run out of time. It also gives you more time for the difficult questions, as you would need relatively less time for the easy ones

10 things you can do to improve your memory for math formulas

1. Read ahead – Prepare for Tomorrows today.Read over tomorrow’s math lesson today. Get a general idea about the new formulas in advance.As you read ahead, you will recognize some of it, and other parts will be brand new.This technique also gives you an overview of the diagrams, graphs and vocabulary in the new section. Look up any new words in a dictionary so you reduce this stumbling block in class. This step may only take 15 minutes or so before each class, but will make a huge difference to your understanding of the math you are studying.

How to solve physics numericals effectively

1) Draw a clear diagram showing all the systems and interaction between them.For mechanics problem,Free body diagram provide immense help in solving the problem. Problem will become easiar once it is drawn out.

2) In any problem of physics, some information is given and value of some variable is to be found. Jot down all the known quantities on one side and List all the unknown for which you are solving the problem on the other side