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Effectively Memorize Physics Formula

We need to remember the Formula in order to solve the numerical problems. If you don’t remember it, you will make mistake ,consume more time on one questions  and you might even loss few marks in the examination . Here are some useful technique to Effectively Memorize Physics Formula

1. Try finding Meaning of Formula
All of us find it very difficult to learn meaningless lists of words, letters or numbers. Our brain cannot see the connections between the words and so they are quickly forgotten. So, don’t just try to learn formulas by themselves — it’s just like learning that meaningless list. When you are learning formulas, also learn the conditions for each formula (it might be something like “if  q > 0″) also try to learn the concept behind it, draw a relevant diagram or graph each time you write the formula (it might be a parabola, or perhaps a circle). You will begin to associate the picture with the formula and then later when you need to recall that formula, the associated image will help you to remember it (and its meaning, and its conditions). When you create your summary list of formulas, include conditions and relevant pictures, graphs and diagrams.

2. Practice

Practice makes an student Perfect. As in other subjects,it is important for physics formula also.Repetition is a very important aspect of learning. If you practice a new skill, the connections between neurons in your brain are strengthened. But if you don’t practice, then the weak bonds are broken.If you try to learn formulas without doing the practice first, then you are just making it more difficult for yourself.So  leave the formula book separate and try to solve the questions, this way your mind will try to learn formula

3. Keep a list of symbols
Most physics formulas involve some Greek letters, or perhaps some strange symbols like ^ or perhaps a letter with a bar over the top.When we learn a foreign language, it’s good to keep a list of the new vocabulary as we come across it. As it gets more complicated, we can go back to the list to remind us of the words we learned recently but are hazy about. Learning mathematics symbols should be like this, too. Keep a list of symbols and paste them up somewhere in your room, so that you can update it easily and can refer to it when needed.

4. Absorb the formulas via different channels
I’ve already talked about writing and visual aids for learning formulas. Also process and learn each one by hearing it and speaking it.

5. Use memory techniques like story building
Most people are capable of learning lists of unrelated numbers or words, as long as they use the right techniques. Such techniques can be applied to the learning of formulas as well.One of these techniques is to create a story around the thing you need to learn. The crazier the story, the better it is because it is easier to remember. If the story is set in some striking physical location, it also helps to remember it later.

6. Sleep on it
Don’t under-estimate the importance of sleep when it comes to remembering things. Deep sleep is a phase during the night where we process what we thought about during the day and this is when more permanent memories are laid down. .Avoid cramming your physics formulas the night before an exam until late. Have a plan for what you are going to learn and spread it out so that it is not overwhelming.

7. Healthy body, efficient brain
A good brain resides in healthy body. The healthier you are, the less you need to worry about sickness distracting from your learning. Spend time exercising and getting the oxygen flowing in your brain. This is essential for learning.

8 Discipline and Remove distractions
This one is a problem for those of us that love being on the Internet, or listening to music, or talking to our friends. There are just so many things that distract us from learning what we need to learn.Turn off all those distractions for a set time each day. You won’t die without them. Concentrate on the formulas you need to learn and use all the above techniques. Stick to the schedule for learning .When you are done, reward yourself with some media time — but only after you have really accomplished something.

9.Try to derive the formula. It will strengthened the concept in your mind and you wont forget the formula

10Analyze the units of different quantities in the formula  and see if it makes sense to you. This will help in formula memorization and making less mistakes in the examination

11. Try to correlate the things in the formula to the real world.  Like we know electric field decrease as the distance from the charge is increased.So this led to the belief that Electric field inversely proportional to distance. Similarly Ohm’s law can be remember in this way.

If I increase the resistance (R), will there be more flow (I) or less? “Logic” says Less, so current (I) is inversely proportional to R.

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