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CBSE Class 12th Physics Full-Length Sample papers for Board Examination

CBSE Class 12th Physics Full Length Sample papers

We have published 10 free CBSE class 12th physics Full-Length Sample papers. When you study a subject for your exams then after your preparation you must practice several sample papers and prepare according to the board examination timing. The link is given below

CBSE Sample Paper-1Download
CBSE Sample Paper-2Download
CBSE Sample Paper-3Download
CBSE Sample Paper-4Download
CBSE Sample Paper-5Download
CBSE Sample Paper-6Download
CBSE Sample Paper-7Download
CBSE Sample Paper-8Download
CBSE Sample Paper-9Download
CBSE Sample Paper-10Download

Apart from these sample papers we also have excellent class 12 resources for you to study class 12th physics.

Here are some study tips you can use to do good in your exams

1) Prepare a Schedule/Calendar for the studies.You only have 24 hours a day, 168 hours a week . Effective study time management means that you use your given time in the most efficient way. Therefore it is important to prepare a regularly updated schedule/calendar, where you:
a) write down all your scheduled tests
b) write down all tasks, assignments and duties,
c) record your planned leisure-activities, such as gym, etc.
d) Write an ordered list of what you need to get done.Prioritize the items on your list.
2) Study time management: Take yourself some minutes after coming home from school and evaluate the amount of time you can invest for your studies. This is where you start to manage your study time, so I would recommend you to take up to 15 minutes for this! Make sure to include time for studying, completing tasks and assignments, projects, etc.
3)One of the best things you can do to manage your time (then be managed by it) is to learn to say “no.” Say “no” to people asking you to play pool when you should study or when someone wants help with something at an inconvenient time for you. Suggest a different time to help when it’s more convenient for you.
Remember that there’s a time for everything. Sure, studying for a long time is good, but take breaks. Take power naps when your brain starts frying. If the weather’s nice, a good game of ultimate Frisbee also refreshes the tired mind.
4) Another every important study time management technique is to schedule your time dependent on your personal energy level. Your energy level reaches its peak at approximately 7am, but is very low during the time from 3pm to 5pm.A lot of students are very productive in the morning, so it could be very useful to rise up early . Others prefer the evening hours as their most productive part of the day. The only important thing is that you know for yourself on which time-period you can work most efficient and adapt your schedule accordingly to your high-energy periods.
5) Procrastination: One of the biggest obstacles you might face while applying effective study time management is procrastination, which is correlated to discipline. Every student is affected by procrastination once in a while or continuously. The desire to avoid specific tasks comes within boredom, fear or similar concerns. Not getting started will lead to stress and anxiety, which are very negative emotions during your studies. Luckily you can overcome procrastination by applying the following study time management technique: create smaller sub goals and sub tasks. You will notice that a sub task will help you to get started with your studies and will get you motivated to do the next tasks as well.
6) Get the most out of class. Go to class and be on time. Be well-prepared and ready for discussion.

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