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Linear Motion Examples in Daily Life

Looking around, we would notice that there are many things in motion all around us. There are various types of motion that one may encounter in daily life. In this article, we will look at some examples of linear motion in everyday life, along with explanations.

It is defined as an object’s tendency to move in a straight path. It is, often, known as rectilinear motion or motion in a straight line. A variety of our regular activities, such as walking, bowling, etc. exhibit this type of motion in real life.

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Examples of linear Motion

1. A person walking on a straight road

This is a classic instance of this type of movement. A person’s motion is along a single direction if he moves attentively on a straight road, avoiding zigzag motion. This type of motion is linear in nature and the person moves in a straight-line path.

2. A car moving in a straight line road

To move a car at rest, a force must be applied to it. The engine of the car provides this force. In general, when an automobile moves forward or backward on a straight route, it is considered to be exhibiting rectilinear motion. If the road has twists and curves, this motion will not remain in a straight path.

3. Lifting something up and down

When we lift something off the ground, we are working against gravity. This is a rectilinear motion example in which the height of the object lifted is the distance between the object’s initial and final positions.

4. Opening and closing a desk drawer

The closing and opening of a drawer is nothing more than a push and pull force being applied to the drawer. The drawer can only move in a straight line when opened and closed. This is an example of motion that is limited to moving in one dimension.

5. Parade of army

Soldiers marching in a straight line exhibit rectilinear motion. A parade is characterized by a great degree of synchronization between troops’ movements. In most cases, the soldiers march in a straight line in a forward direction.

6. Launching a rocket

Rocket launch from the ground is a non-uniform linear motion. We must note here that the complete trajectory of a rocket is not a straight line. Rocket works on the principle of conservation of momentum.

As the rocket-propelled gases go in one direction, the rocket moves in the opposite direction to maintain the system’s total momentum constant. The momentum change of the gases provides the rocket with the “push” it needs to move forward. This pushing force is referred to as the rocket’s thrust, exerted on the rocket.

7. free fall of a heavy object from a certain height

Lifting a thing from the ground is work done against gravity, as we already discussed. Gravity does work on an object when it falls from a specific height. When objects fall under the effect of gravity, they tend to move in a straight line.

8. Sliding door

Slide doors are one of the best examples of linear motion in everyday life. They move in a straight line. It moves in a straight line when it is pushed or pulled along the casing. This lets the person open or closes the door as needed.

9. motion of bullet fired from a gun

When a bullet is fired from a pistol, it travels in a straight line until it reaches its target. It does not alter its course. As a result, it is an example of linear motion.

10. Elevators

Elevators are important for the movement of people between various floors of an high-rise building. We mentioned them while discussing the examples of pulleys. Pulleys, cables, counterweights, and a motor power these elevators.

The elevators move in a straight line in an up and down motion. As a result, it is considered to have rectilinear motion.

11. Bowling

When you see a ball rolling, it is one of the best examples of linear motion you can see in everyday life. There is a lot of force behind the bowling ball when it rolls down the lane.  

Frequently asked questions

What are some examples of rectilinear motion?

The following are some examples of rectilinear motion:
1. Elevators used in high rise buildings
2. Free-fall motion of objects under the influence of gravity
3. The movement of planes in the sky

What is rectilinear motion and its types?

Linear motion is the motion of a particle along a straight path. Because the system has one degree of freedom, analyzing the motion requires only one coordinate. There are three types of linear motion:
1. Uniform motion is the movement of a body with no acceleration. There is no net force operating on the body.
2. Uniformly accelerated motion is defined as motion with a non-zero constant acceleration, which means that the net force on the system is constant.
3. Nonuniform acceleration motion where the system is subjected to a variable force.

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