Human Health and Disease Worksheet

Section A (1Marks)

1.    How does smoking tobacco in human lead to oxygen deficiency in their body?
2.    What causes swelling of the lower limb in patients suffering from Filariasis?
3.    How does Malaria differ from Chikungunya with reference to their vector?
4.    Why do pollen grains of some flowers trigger sneezing in some people?
5.    State two different roles of spleen in the human body?
6.    Name a fish that helps in eradication of mosquito larvae?
7.    Why do blood pressure and heart rate increase by tobacco consumption?
8.    Give an example of a vaccine produced by Recombinant DNA technology?
9.    What is the function of mast cells?
10.    What would happen to the immune system if thymus gland is removed from the body of a person?

Section B (2 Marks)

11.    How do cellular barriers and cytokines barriers provide innate immunity in humans?
12.    State the function of primary and secondary lymphoid organ in humans?
13.    Why do normal cells not show cancerous growth?
14.    Explain metastasis? why is it fatal?
15.    Expand LSD. Name its source organism. What category of drug is it?
16.    When does a human body elicit an anamnestic response?

Section C (3 Marks)

17.    What is meant by withdrawal syndrome? what are its characteristic features?
18.    Differentiate between benign tumor and malignant tumor?
19.    Do you consider passive smoking is more dangerous than active smoking why?
20.    Name and explain the type of immunity that is provided by injecting microbes deliberately during immunization into the human body?
21.    Why does a doctor administer tetanus antitoxoid and not a tetanus vaccine to a child injured in a roadside accident with a bleeding wound? Explain?
22.    A patient is down with Amoebiasis. List the symptoms that confirm this infection? Name the causative pathogen?

Section D (5 Marks)

23.    Differentiate between-
(i) primary and secondary response 
(ii) humoral immunity and cell mediated immunity 
24.    Trace the events that occur in human body to Cause immunodeficiency when HIV gains entry into the body?
25.    Write the source and effect of following Drugs-
(i) Morphine 
(ii) cocaine 
(iii) marijuana
(iv) Smack


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