Microbes in human welfare Important Questions

Section A (1 Mark)

1.Name the fungus used as a biocontrol agent of plant disease?
2.Name the first antibiotic manufactured and also name its source microorganism?
3.Name the bacterium responsible for large holes seen in Swiss cheese? What are these holes due to?
4.Name and immunosuppressive agent?
5.What are flocs? Why they are important?

Section B (2 Marks)

6. Why are some microbes called bioactive molecules?
7. What are biofertilizers?
8. How does primary sludge different from activated sludge?
9. Common yeast is known as Baker’s yeast and also as Brewer’s yeast. Justify.
10. Name the pest that lady bird and dragonflies help to get rid of respectively?
11. What are interferons?

Section C

12. State the use of the following enzymes / acids:
(a) Lipase
(b) Lactic acid
(c) Streptokinase
(d) Pectinase
13. Describe how biogas is obtained from activated sludge? What are its main components?
14. Under what conditions will the BOD lowered in the river? How will it affect aquatic life?
15. Microbes can be used to decrease the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Explain how this can be accomplished?
16. Name the plant whose sap is used in making Toddy? Mention the process involved in?
17. What are statin? How it is useful?
18. What for nucleopolyhedrovirus are being used nowadays?
19. How do mycorrhizae functions as biofertilizer? Explain with example?
20. Draw a diagrammatic sketch of biogas plant, and label its various components given below: Gas Holder, Sludge Chamber, Digester, Dung+water chamber
21. How was penicillin discovered?

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