Worksheet on Sexual Reproduction in Flowering plants

Very short answer type questions (1 Mark)

1. All the papaya plants bear flowers but fruits are seen only in some. Explain?
2. Banana is a true fruit, but is also a parthenocarpic fruit. Give a reason?
3. Why do corn cobs have long tessels?
4. How do pollen grains of Vallisneria protect themselves?
5. Pea flowers produce assured seed sets.Give a reason?
6. How are ovules technically referred to?
7. Mention one application of pollen Bank. How are pollen stored in a bank?
8. Why do you think the zygote is dormant for sometime in a fertilised ovule?
9. What is meant by monosporic development of female gametophyte?
10. Give the technical term for the type of pollination which ensure genetic recombination?
11. Name the tallest flower?
12. Name the parasitic species of plants that produce many minute seeds in a fruit?
13. Name the plant species having pollen viability for
(a)few minutes
(b)several months

14. Name the seeds that have retained their viability for thousands of years?
15. What is cryopreservation?
16. Mention one advantage and disadvantage of a cleistogamous flower?
17. Give an example of a plant which came into India as a contaminant and is a cause of pollen allergy?
18. How is it possible in Oxalis and Viola plants to produce assured seed sets even in the absence of pollinators?
19. Papaver and Michelia both have multicarpellary ovaries. How do they differ from each other?
20. Mention two environmental factors that affect Pollen viability?
21. Why is an apple referred to as a false fruit?
22. Banana produces fruits but is propagated only by vegetative means. Why is it so?
23. A bilobed dithecous anther has 100 microspore mother cells per microsporangium. How many male gametophytes can this anther produced?

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