Arithmetic progression Calculator

  • Enter the values of first term, common difference and number of terms obtain the n-th term and Sum of n-terms
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Formula And concept used
$ a_n = a + (n-1) d$
$S_n = \frac {n}{2}[2a - (n-1)d]
an is the nth term of the Arithmetic Progression.

a First term of the Arithmetic Progression.
d Common difference of the Arithmetic Progression
n number of terms in the Arithmetic Progression
Sn Sum of the n terms of the Arithmetic Progression

Arithmetic progression Calculator

Example of Few questions where you can use this Arithmetic progression Calculator
1. Find the arithmetic progression (nth term and Sum of n terms) for the given details of numbers.
i. n= 10, a=2 , d= 4
ii. n= 20, a=-1 , d= 2
iii. n =11, a=0 ,d=1
iv. n=100, a=-2 , d=5

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