Algebraic expression worksheet for Class 7 Maths

Question 1.
Fill in the blanks: -
i)  Terms with same algebraic factors are called ____________ terms.
ii) A ________________ can take any value and ________________ has a fixed value.
iii) An expression with one or more terms is called _____________
iv) An expression with one term is called __________________ with two terms is ______________ and with three terms is _______________
v) An algebraic expression with equality sign is called ______________
Question 2.
State true or false: -
i. The coefficient of $y^2$ in $-3xy^2$ is -3.
ii. $(x+y)-(x-y)$ is a binomial expression
iii. The degree of a constant term is 0
iv. The sum or difference of two like terms may not like the given terms
v. 1 is an algebriac expression
vi. The expression $x + y + 5x$ is a trinomial.
vii. In like terms, the numerical coefficients should also be the same
Question 3.
Write down the numerical and literal coefficient of each of the following monomials: -
i. $ \frac {-5}{9}x^3y$
ii. $-8x^2y^2z^2$
iii. $\frac {6}{13}abc^2$
Question 4.
Draw a tree diagram for
i. $ -7x^2 + 15xy$
ii. $4a^2b^2 + 3a$
iii. $ 15xy + 11z^2$
Question 5.
 Write down the degrees of the following polynomials: -
i. $3x^3 -x^5$
ii. $x^2y^4 + xy^2 +11xy$
iii. $7a^2 + 11b^2 + b^6$
iv. $a^3 + b^3 + c^3 -3abc$ 
Question 6.
Identify the terms containing z and write the co-efficient of z also.
i. $11xz -15xz^2 +12x +19$
ii. $-2yz + 3z^2 -8y^2$
Question 7
 Subtract $-2x^2 + 5xy + 4y^2$  from the sum of $x^2 -2xy + y^2$ and $3x^2 + 4xy -y^2$
Question 8
What should be added to -3a+7b-16 to get 4a-3b+19?
Question 9
Find the value of below algebriac expression  for x=2,y=-1 and z=2
i. $4x^2 -3y^2 + 5z^2$
ii. $3x^3 -2x(4yz+ 5x^2)$
iii. $1-4x(yz+ 3xy)$
Question 10
i. p-q when p=12 and q=8
ii. $4p^2 + 4p -1$ when p=4
Question 11
The perimeter of a triangle is 4x-8, one of the side is 2x-4 and another is 3x+8. Find the third side
Question 12
Identify the binomial out of the following:
(a) $3xy^2 + 5y – x^2y$
(b) $x^2y – 5y – x^2y$
(c) $xy + yz + zx$
(d) $3xy^2 + 5y – xy^2$
Question 13
Subtract ab – bc – ca from – ab + bc + ca.
Question 14
A wire is (7x – 3) metres long. A length of (3x – 4) metres is cut for use
(a) How much wire is left?
(b) If this left out wire is used for making an square. What is the length of each side of the square so formed?
i. Like
ii. variable , constant
iii. polynomial
iv. monomial ,binomial ,trinomial
v. equation
i. False
ii. False
iii. True
iv. False
v. True
vi. False
vii. False
i. 5
ii. 6
iii. 6
iv. 3
i. 11x ,-15x
ii.-2y ,3
7. $6x^2 -3xy -4y^2$
i. 33
ii. -24
iii. 65
i. 4
ii. 79
11. -x-12
12. d
13. $-2ab + 2bc + 2ca$
a. $4x+1$
b. $x+ \frac {1}{4}$

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Reference Books for class 7 Maths

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  3. Mathematics Foundation Course For JEE/IMO/Olympiad - Class 7
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You can use above books for extra knowledge and practicing different questions.

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