Rational numbers worksheet for Class 7

True or false

Question 1
(a) Every natural number is a rational number but every rational number needs not be a natural number
(b) Zero is a rational number.
(c) Every rational number is a whole number.
(d) Two rational numbers with difference numerators can't be equal.
(e) Every fraction is a rational number.
(f) Sum of two rational numbers is always a rational number.
(g) The rational number $\frac {-3}{5}$ lies to the right of zero on the number line.
(h) Every natural number is a rational number but every rational number need not be a natural number.
(i) $\frac {2}{4}$ is equivalent to $\frac {4}{8}$
(j) The rational numbers $\frac {-11}{-12}$ and $\frac {-7}{8}$ are on the opposite sides of zero on the number line

Fill in the blanks

Question 2.
(a) A rational number $\frac{p}{q}$ is said to be in the lowest form if p and q have no __________
(b) The rational number $\frac {- 12}{-17}$ Lies to the ____________ of zero on the number line.
(c) If $\frac{p}{q}$ is a rational number, then q can't be ___________
(d) Two rational numbers with different numerators are equal, if their numerators are in the same ______________ as their denominators.
(e) Two rational numbers are equal if they have the same __________ form.
(f) A rational number $\frac{p}{q}$ is negative if p & q are of __________ sign.
(g) If the product of two non-zero rational number is 1, then they are ______________ of each other.
(h) Between any two distinct rational numbers there are ___________ rational numbers.
(i) Additive inverse of $\frac {2}{3}$ is ______.
(j) The reciprocal of ______ does not exist.

Numerical questions

Question 3.
By what number should we multiply $\frac {-8}{15}$ , so that the product may be 24.

Question 4.
What should be subtracted from $\frac {-3}{4}$ so as to get $\frac{5}{9}$ ?

Question 5.
Subtract $\frac {-3}{8}$ from $\frac {-5}{7}$

Question 6.
The cost of $4\frac{1}{2}$ meters of cloth is Rs. $85\frac{1}{2}$ find the cost of one meter cloth.

Question 7.
Simplify $(\frac {-5}{8} \times \frac {3}{7} \times \frac {4}{-15})+(\frac {4}{7} \times \frac {-21}{8})$.

Question 8.
A stairway consists of 14 stairs, each $32\frac{5}{7}$ cm high. What is the vertical height of the stairways ?

Question 9.
Arrange the rational numbers $\frac {-7}{10}$,$\frac {5}{-8}$,$\frac {2}{-3}$ in the ascending order.

Multiple Choice Questions

Question 10.
Which of the following rational numbers is equal to its reciprocal?
(a) 1
(b) 2
(c) $\frac {1}{2}$
(d) 0
Question 11.
Which is greater number in the following:
(a) $\frac {-1}{5}$
(b) 0
(c) $\frac {1}{5}$
(d) -5
Question 12.
Which is lowest number in the following:
(a) $\frac {-1}{2}$
(b) 0
(c) $\frac {1}{2}$
(d) -2
Question 13.
Match the Column

(a) a -> ii , b -> iii , c -> iv , d -> i
(b) b -> ii , a -> iii , c -> iv , d -> i
(c) a -> ii , b -> iii , c -> i , d -> iv
(d) a -> i , b -> iii , c -> iv , d -> ii
Question 14.
To reduce a rational number to its standard form, we divide its numerator and denominator by their
(a) LCM
(b) HCF
(c) product
(d) multiple

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