Class 8 Science Sample Paper for 2023-24

General Instructions:
1. The question paper consists of 34 questions and is divided into four sections, A, B, C and D.
2. All questions are compulsory.
3. Section A comprises question numbers 1 to 15. These are MCQs and one liner of one mark each. You are to select one most appropriate response out of the four provided options.
4. Section B comprises question numbers 16 to 22. These are subjective questions carrying two marks each.
5. Section C comprises question numbers 23 to 31. These are subjective questions carrying four marks each.
6. Section D comprises question numbers 32 to 34. These are subjective questions carrying five marks each.

Section A

1. A charged balloon attaches to the wall because of
(a) electrostatic force
(b) Gravitational force
(c) Magnetic force
(d) Muscular Force

2.Fire produced by oil cannot be controlled by
(a) Water
(b) Fire Extinguisher
(c) Sand
(d) Woolen Blanket

3. which of these sentences is correct
(a) You are weightless on the moon
(b) Your mass changes as you travel into the space
(c) Your weight is the pull of gravity on you
(d) Your weight is the measure of the density of the body

4. which of the following artifical fibres is best suited for making men and women casual clothes
(a) Rayon
(b) Nylon
(c) Acrylic
(d) Polyester

5. Combintaion of Copper hydroxide and copper carbonate produces the colour
(a) Red
(b) Green
(c) Blue
(d) color less

6.Which of the following is the main cause of global warming?
(a) Decreasing levels of CO2
(b) Increasing levels of CO2
(c) Decreasing levels of NO2
(d) Decreasing levels of O2

7.Which of the following statements is incorrect?
(a) Friction acts on a ball rolling along the ground.
(b) Friction acts on a boat moving on water.
(c) Friction acts on a bicycle moving on a smooth road.
(d) Friction does not act on a ball moving through air.

8.External fertilisation takes place in which of the following animals
(a) Star fish
(b) Fish
(c) Frog
(d) All of these

9. Which of the following would be ideal fuel to use
(a) 2 kg fuel producing 6KJ of energy
(b) 1 kg fuel producing 2KJ of energy
(c) 4 kg fuel producing 2KJ of energy
(d) 3 kg fuel producing 3KJ of energy

10.The most suitable material for the preparation of handles of cooking utensils is
(a) Polythene
(b) PVC
(c) Nylon
(d) Bakelite

11. Define one Pascal
12. Define Rapid combustion
13. On putting glass over a lighted candle , the candle flame flickers and blows off after some time why?
14. A reflected ray can be reflected again. Name the phenomenon and mention one instrument that works on this principle?
15.what are air pollutents

Section B

16. Differentiate Metals and Non -metals on the basis of the physical apprearence
17. Why do skiers use long flat skies to slide over snow?
18. why is the increase in Carbon dioxide a major cause of concern? Explain the answer scientifically with the help of diagram
19. what are protected areas and Give one example of such kind?
20. Write any two impacts of Deforestation
21. Write the advantages of CNG?
22. Calculate the frequency if the time period is 0.5 minutes.

Section C

23.Explain the human voice box. Draw a well-labelled diagram.
24.Explain the working of fire extinguisher.? why it is required as per law in office, schools, society even the water is readily available
25.(i) How is reproduction in amoeba different from that in hydra? explain with detailed diagrams
(ii) How is surrogacy different from IVF? which technique will help a women with blocked oviducts to have a baby?
26. Explain the process of Fertilization in frogs. Discuss the various stages involved in the lifecycle of frog
27. Write a short notes about the planets in the Solar system
28. A man jumps from airplaen with the parachute
(i) Identify the forces acting on the man and define them also
(ii)When the parachute opens, how does the shape of the parachute help the drop
29.(i) You are provided with a bulb, a cell, a switch and some connecting wires. Draw a diagram to show the connections between them to make the bulb glow
(ii) How will the strip respond when a charged body is brought near the metal clip?
30.How can we prevent the spread of the diseases such as malaria and dengue?
31. (i) Define Pressure
(ii) A 10Kg four legged chair is at rest on the floor. Each leg of the chair has a foot in the shape of a rectange of length and breadth 4 and 5 cm respectively. The chair is designed in such a way that each leg is bearing equal weight of the chair. Find the pressure in pascals exerted by all the feet of the chair on the floor. Take g=10 m/s2

Section D

(i) what is the causatuve organism and mode of the transmission of measles
(ii) How does vaccine provide protection from measles?
(iii)Differentiate between Vaccine and antibiotics

(i) what are contact and non contacts forces.Explain with example
(ii) Two persons are applying forces on two opposite sides of a moving cart. The cart still moves with the same speed in the same direction. What do you infer about the magnitudes and direction of the forces applied.
34. Class 8 Science Sample Paper -2  for 2023-24
(i) Boojho observed that copper is deposited on the electrode connected to the negative terminal of the battery. Paheli tried to repeat the same experiment. But she could find only one copper plate. Therefore she took a carbon rod as negative electrode. Will copper be still deposited on the carbon rod? Explain your answer
(ii) Explain the movement of the ions in the above process
(iii) What is the name of this process
(iv) Write any application of this process

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