Class 8 Science Sample Paper for 2023-24

General Instructions: 1. The question paper is divided into four sections, A, B, C and D.
2. All questions are compulsory.
3. Section A comprises of MCQs and one liner questions of one mark each.
4. Section B comprises 7 queestions. These are subjective questions carrying two marks each.
5. Section C comprises 7 questions. These are subjective questions carrying four marks each.
6. Section D comprises 1 . These are subjective questions carrying six marks each.

Section A

1 Marks Questions (MCQ)

1. These microbes are used to make alcoholic beverages-
a) Bacteria
b) Yeast
c) Protozoa
d) Virus
2. These are produced in response to vaccines-
a) antigens
b) antibiotics
c) antibodies
d) antiseptic

3. Coal mainly contains-

a) hydrogen
b) sodium
c) carbon
d) carbon monoxide

4. Which of these is a secondary fuel?

a) biogas
b) leaves
c) wood
d) twigs
5. In India, the legal age to get married for a man is-
a) 18 years
b) 24 years
c) 21 years
d) 26 years

6.  Sound cannot travel through-

a)  gas
b)  solid
c)   liquid
 d) vacuum

7. The setup used for electroplating is known-

a)  voltmeter
b)  voltameter
c)  wattmeter
d)  tank
8. The human eye forms the image at-
a) retina
b) cornea
c) pupil
d) iris

1 Marks Questions ( Fill in the blank)

1. _________ can only be seen with a microscope.
2. _________ bacteria act in absence of air.
3. The liquid fossil fuel is __________.
4. Sodium : Kerosene : : ___________ : water.
5. Chromosomes are _________ like structure present in the nuclens of cell.
6. __________ is the process of growing into material.
7. Sound is produced by _________ body.
8. Cans used for storing food items are coated with ________.
9. A plane mirror always form _________ image.
10. The only non metal conduction of electricity is _________.      

1 Marks Questions  (Differentiate Between)

a) Multicellular and unicellular organisms
b) C. N. G. and L. P. G.
c) Complete and incomplete combustion
d) Musical sound and noise
e) Cathode and anode
f) Real image and virtual image

1 Marks Questions (Give Reasons)

1. The earth would be a one big mound of rubbish if there were no bacteria and fungi. Why?
2. Coal is called a fossil fuel.
3. L. P. G. is a better fuel than wood.
4. Father is responsible for the gender of child.
5. Sound cannot travel through vacuum.
6. Iron Bridges are coated with zinc.

Section B

2 Marks Questions (Short Answers)

1. What is Anthrax?
2. What is the impact of using excess of fossil fuels?
3. What are the characteristics of an ideal fuel?
4. What are autosomes?
5. How do you measure noise?
6. Give two good examples of electroplating.
7. State the laws of reflection.

Section C

4 Marks Questions

1. How does Rhizobium increase the fertility of soil?
2. Explain how a candle burns.
3. Explain how sound is produced.
4. What happens when electric current is passed through a conducting liquid?
5. Explain the working of periscopes. Give its uses.
6. Draw the diagram of Human eye.
7. Formation of coal.

Section D

6 Marks questions

1. Nature of image formed by a plane mirror.



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