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Practice Cube root questions for class 8 math. These Cube root questions check the understanding and concepts of the chapter. You can test your knowledge and evaluate yourself.

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Cube root questions practice test

General Instructions

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1. Cube root of 64 is
2. Cube Root of 17 is
3. Cube root of 13824
4. cube root of 46656 is
5. Cube root of 27000
6. Find the cube root of $\sqrt[3]{.001}$
7. cube root of 91125 is
8. what is the unit digit of the cube root of 13824?
9. find the unit digit of the cube root of perfect cube 571787
10. find the cube root of - 175616
11. $\sqrt[3]{57 + \sqrt[3]{343}}$  is
12. 13832  is not equal
13. $\sqrt[3]{64} + \sqrt[3]{.008} + \sqrt[3]{.125}$ is
14. Is 53240 a perfect cube? If not, then by which smallest natural number should 53240 be divided so that the quotient is a perfect cube?


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