Cube and cube roots Class 8 worksheet

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Long Answer type questions

Question 1
Find the cube roots by prime factorization method
(i) 15625
(ii) 2744
(iii) 125/2197
(iv) 5832
(v) 64000
(vi) 10648
(vii) 1331
(viii) 1728

Question 2
Find the cubes of these numbers.
(i) .4
(ii) 8
(v) 1.1

Question 3
Is 256 a perfect cube? If not, find the smallest number by which it should be divided to get a perfect cube.

Question 4
if $6^{n+2}=1296$, then $\sqrt[3]{n + 727}$ is

Question 5
Three numbers are in the ratio 1:2:3 and the sum of their cubes is 4500. Find the numbers.

Question 6
If $\sqrt[3]{157464}=54$, then find the value
$\sqrt[3]{157.464}+ \sqrt[3]{.157464}+ \sqrt[3]{.000157464}$

Fill in the blanks

Question 7
(i)The least number by which 72 be multiplied to make it a perfect cube is _____________
(ii)If $8x^3=216$, then x ix ____
(iii) The cube of .5 is _____
(iv) There are _________ perfect cubes between 1 and 1000.
(v) The digit at the ones place of $23^3$ is ____
(vi) The cube of the even natural number is ____

True and False

Question 8
(i)648 is not perfect cube?
(ii) 999 is a perfect cube
(iii)Square of a number is positive, so the cube of that number will also be positive
(iv) $125 \times 8 \times 27$ is a perfect cube
(v) For an integer p, $p^3$ is always greater than $p^2$

Multiple Choice questions

Question 9
Cube root of the expression $125^2$
Question 10
which of these is a perfect cube
(a) 216
(b) 392
(b) 8640
(d) 243
Question 11
which of these is not a perfect cube
Question 12
$\sqrt [3]{.027} $ is
(b) .03
Question 13
$\sqrt [3]{216 \times 27} $ is
Question 14
If m is the cube root of n, then n is
(a)$\sqrt [3]{m} $
(b) 3m
(c) m/3
(d) $m^3$
Question 15
$(1 \frac {3}{10})^3$ is
(a) $1 \frac {3}{1000}$
(b) $2 \frac {27}{1000}$
(c) $3 \frac {9}{1000}$
(d) $2 \frac {197}{1000}$
Question 16
The volume of the cube is $5832m^3$ , the side is
(a) 18m
(b) 16 m
(c) 28 m
(d) 19m
Question 17
$\sqrt [3]{\frac {8}{27}} + \sqrt [3]{\frac {1728}{1331}} $
(a) 22/33
(b) 16/11
(c) 11/16
(d) 11/3
Question 18
which of the following expression is not a perfect cube
(a) 27 x 125 x 64
(b) 1331 x 125 x 8
(c) 15 x 8 x 25 x 9
(d) None of these
Question 19
The surface area of a cube whose volume is $8m^3$
(a) $32m^2$
(b) $24m^2$
(c) $12m^2$
(d) None of these
Question 20
A cuboid of dimensions 16m, 4m, 125m has been melted to form a cube. Find the side of the cube
(a) $20$m
(b) $16$m
(c) $5$m
(d) None of these

Match the Column

Question 21
Cube and cube roots class 8 worksheet


This Cube and cube roots class 8 worksheet is prepared keeping in mind the latest syllabus of CBSE . This has been designed in a way to improve the academic performance of the students. If you find mistakes , please do provide the feebback on the mail.

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