Practice questions for synthetic_fibres


Practice questions

Question 1

Why is polyester considered to be a good material for making the sails of ships?

Question 2

Name the component fibers of polycot, Terry wool and cots wool?

Question 3

Why polythene bags should not be thrown along with garbage?

Question 4

What are synthetic fibers? How are they made?

Question 5

Differentiate between thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics and give one example of each?

Question 6

Lst and explain four properties of plastics? Give one use of plastics linked to each of these properties?

Question 7

List three steps you can take to reduce the danger that plastic pose to the environment?

Question 8

Describe any three major uses of nylon?

Question 9

State advantages and disadvantages of synthetic fibers

Question 10

Explain polymerization?



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