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 Question 1:
Which is having more resistance?
100 W bulb
60W bulb
Question 2
Draw the pattern of magnetic field lines of a current carrying solenoid. What does the pattern of field lines inside the solenoid indicate? Write one application of magnetic field of current carrying solenoid.
Question 3
a)What is geothermal energy?
b) What are the advantages of wind energy
Question 4
Sam and his family live in a big apartment and uses the following electric appliances:
(i) Refrigerator of rating 400 W for ten hours each day.
(ii) Five electric fans of rating 80 W each for twelve hours each day.
(iii) Six electric tubes of rating 18 W each for 2 hours each day.
Calculate the electricity bill of the household for the month of July  if the cost per unit of electric energy is Rs. 5.00 per KWH
Question 5
The electrical resistivity of few materials is given below in ohm-meter. Arrange the material in descending order of electrical conductivity?
 a) 6.8 X 10-8
 b) 2.60 X 10-8
 c) 1.00 X 10-4
d)  2.50 X 1012
e)  4.40 X 10-5
f)  6.30 X 1018
Question 6
Out of two solar cookers, one was covered with a plane glass slab and the other was left open. Which of the two solar cookers will be more efficient and why?

Question 7
What is biogas? How is it obtained from biomass? Why is biogas considered an ideal fuel?
Question 8:
(a) Name two elements which can be used for generation of electricity in a nuclear power plant.
(b) Why many nuclear power plants could not be installed in our country? Give two reasons.
Question 9:
What are the  final  products produced after digestion of carbohydrate, proteins and fats?
Question 10:
a) How electric fuse is connected with electrical devices i.e. in parallel or in series?
b) How does electric fuse works
c) Which type of material is commonly used for fuse wire?
e) Can a 5A fuse be used in wire carrying 15 A current? Why?
f) An electric oven of 2 kW power rating is operated in a domestic electric circuit that has a current rating of 5A. If the supply voltage is 220V, what result do you expect ? Explain.

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