Important Questions for Real Numbers Class 10 Maths

Given below are the Class 10 Maths Important Questions for Real Numbers
a) Concepts questions
b) Calculation problems
c) Multiple choice questions
d) Long answer questions
e) Fill in the blank's

Long answer questions

Question 1. Without actually performing division, state which of these number will terminating decimal expression or non terminating repeating decimal expression
  1. 7/25
  2. 3/7
  3. 29/343
  4. 6/15
  5. 77/210
  6. 11/67
  7. 15/27
  8.  11/6
  9. 343445/140

Question 2. Using Euclid’s theorem to find the HCF between the following numbers
a) 867 and 225
b) 616 and 32

Question 3. Write 10 rational number between
a) 4 and 5
b) 1/2 and 1/3
Question 4. Represent in rational form.
a) 1.232323….
b) 1.25
c) 3.67777777
Question 5
a) Prove that 2+√3 is a irrational number
b) Prove that 3√3 a irrational number

Question 6True or False statement
a) Number of the form 2n +1 where n is any positive integer are always odd number
b) Product of two prime number is always equal to their LCM
c) √3X √12 is a irrational number
d) Every integer is a rational number
e) The HCF of two prime number is always 1
f) There are infinite integers between two integers
g) There are finite rational number between 2 and 3
h) √3 Can be expressed in the form √3/1,so it is a rational number
i) The number 6n for n in natural number can end in digit zero
j) Any positive odd integer is of the form 6m+1 or 6m+3 or 6m +5 where q is some integer

Multiple choice Questions

Question 7 the HCF (a, b) =2 and LCM (a, b) =27. What is the value a X b
a) 25
b) 9
c) 27
d) 54

Question 8. 2+√2 Is a
a)Non terminating repeating
b) Terminating
c)Non terminating non repeating
d) None of these

Question 9 if a and b are co primes which of these is true
a) LCM (a, b) =aXb
b)HCF (a, b)= aXb
c) a=br
d) None of these

Question 10. A rational number can be expressed as terminating decimal when the factors of the denominator are
a) 2 or 5 only
b) 2 or 3 only
c)3 or 5 only
d) 3 or 7 only

Question 11.  if x2 =3  ,y2=9 , z3=27, which of these is true
a) x is a irrational number
b) y is a rational number
c) z is rational number
d)  All of the above

Short answer question

Question 12 Find the HCF and LCM of these by factorization technique
b) 120 ,144
c) 29029 ,580

Question 13. Find all the positive integral values of p for which  p2 +16 is a perfect square?

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