Motion Problems and Solution(FA)

Short Answer Based questions for Motion

  • What is unit of acceleration?
  • What is zero uniform velocity motion?
  • A body moving in a circle with constant speed. Is it acceleration?
  • A body goes from point A to B and then return then from B to A. what is the total displacement?
  • Acceleration is a vector quantity True or false?
  • What is the path of a velocity –time graph of a body moving with uniform acceleration
  • What all ways the velocity of the body can be changed?
  • What is average speed?
  • Match the column

    column A Column B
    The Slope of the speed-time graph is called Average Velocity
    The arithmetic mean of initial and final velocity distance
    What quantity is obtained by the area under speed time graph acceleration
    The slope of the distance time graph speed

    Table type question

    A car moves in a straight line from rest at t=0. It accelerates with $2m/s^{2}$ . Solve the following table
    Time 2 sec ? ? 10 min
    Displacement ? ? 25 m ?
    Velocity ? 10 m/s ? ?

    Fill in the blanks

    1. A car starts at rest and travel a distance 20 m in 1 sec .The car average speed is ……………..
    2. Motion of earth around sun is an example of …………. otion
    3. Tractor moving with 18 km/h is ……….. then car moving with 1500 m/min
    4. The motion of a free falling body is an example of ………………….. motion
    5. The curved speed time graph represent …………………accelerated motion
    6. Distance is a ………quantity while displacement is a ………………… quantity

    Crossword Puzzle

    2. Physical quantity obtained by dividing displacement with time taken
    3. A quantity having both magnitude and direction
    4. This remains constant in uniform circular motion
    6. It is the slope of speed -time graph
    8. This measure the distance travelled by the car
    1. This is the other name for negative acceleration
    4. The speed is said to be a
    5. This is the acceleration of the body with uniform velocity
    7. This measure the speed of the car

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