Class 9 Maths Important Questions for Polynomial

Here we are trying to give the Class 9 Maths Important Questions for Polynomial. It tests the basic concepts and at the same makes the student comfortable with the questions

Match the column



Table Type

P(x)=5x2 -3x+7

Multiple choice Questions

Question 1
Find the remainder when x4+x3-2x2+x+1 is divided by x-1 (a)1
( c)

Question 2
Which of these identities is not true?
Class 9 Maths Important Questions  for  Polynomial

True or False statement

  1. P(x) =x-1 and g(x) =x2-2x +1 . p(x) is a factor of g(x)
  2. The factor of 3x2 –x-4 are (x+1)(3x-4)
  3. Every linear polynomial has only one zero
  4. Every real number is the zero’s of zero polynomial
  5. A binomial may have degree 4
  6. 0,2 are the zeroes of x2-2x
  7. The degree of zero polynomial is not defined
  1. True, as g(1)=0
  2. True, we can get this by split method
  3. True
  4. True
  5. True , example x4 +1
  6. True
  7. True

Factorize following
  1. x2 +9x+18
  2. 3x3 –x2-3x+1
  3. x3-23x2+142x-120
  4. 1+8x3
(a) (x+6)(x+3)
(b) (3x-1)(x-1)(x+1)
(d) (2x+1)(4x2-2x+1)

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