CBSE Important Questions(Short questions) for Structure of atoms

Given below are the Class 9 Science Important Questions for CBSE Important Questions(Short questions) for Structure of atoms
a) Concepts questions
b) Calculation problems
c) Multiple choice questions
d) Long answer questions
e) Fill in the blank's
1. Write the charge and mass of an electron?
2. How many electrons at the maximum can be present in the first shell of an atom?
3. List three subatomic particles of an atom?
4. Name two any two noble gases?
5. Write  the value of charge on electron
6. Define mass number?
7. Define atomic number?
8. Write the symbol 18Ar40 , write down the number of neutrons present in the nucleus of the atom?
9. Why did Rutherford select a gold foil for his experiment?
10. What are canal rays?
11. Write the symbols of two isotopes of uranium?

12. Write three applications of isotopes in various fields?
13. An atom of element ’X’ has 3 orbits around its nucleus. What is its maximum electron holding capacity?
14. The oxide of aluminium has a chemical formula Al2O3. State the valency of aluminium?
15. Diagrammatically show the electronic distribution of Na+ in its orbit?
16. Name two elements whose isotopes are used in the field of medicine?
17. Which has more number of electrons Na or Na+ ? Why?
18. Name the particles which determine the mass of an atom?
19. Who discovered neutron?
20. Chemical properties of all the isotopes of an element are similar. State reason?
21. If Z = 5, what would be the valency of the element? Also name the element?
22. If an atom contains one electron and one proton, will it carry any charge or not?
23. If K and L shells of an atom are full, then what would be the total number of electrons in the atom?
24. Hydrogen exists in the three isotopic forms. Why are the isotopes of hydrogen chemically alike?
25. Why alpha- particle scattering experiment was possible by using gold foil only and not by foil of any other metal?

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