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Newton’s law Interesting conceptual questions

Here are some interesting Newton’s law conceptual questions

Question: When a person walks on the floor? which direction force is applied by the person to move forward?

Solution:A person begins walking by pushing with the foot backward against the ground. The ground in turns exerts an equal and opposite force on the person making it move forward.

Newton's law Interesting conceptual questions

Question: According to Newton’s third law,each team in a tug of war pulls with equal force on the another team.What then determine which team will wins it

Newton's law Interesting conceptual questions

In a tug of war, the team that pushes hardest against the ground wins. It is true that both teams have the same force on them due to the tension in the rope. But the winning team pushes harder against the ground and thus the ground pushes harder on the winning team, making a net unbalanced force.

Question. You have two choices to move the block on the rough surface. Either you pull it and push it.Let’s assume ,the angle with the horizontal remains same in push and pull

Which way you will have to exerts less force to move the block
(a) Pull
(b) Push
(c) Same
Solution: when you push the block,the vertical components of the force adds up to gravity and more normal force will be present ,which means more frictional force.
When you pull the block,the vertical components of the force minus the gravity and less normal will be present,which means less frictional force.
So pull will be better

Question: You can hold a block against a rough wall and prevent it from slipping down by pressing hard horizontally.How does the application of horizontal force keep the block from moving vertically because of the gravity?
Solution: The horizontal force you applied on the block produces a normal force exerted by the block by the wall. The force of gravity acting downward can be then be balanced by the upward

Question : What makes a car go forward or what force moves the car forward
Solution: The car engine rotates the wheel of the car. If the car is present on ice, it will just spin . On solid surface, the car tires pushes backward against the ground. By newton’s third law, ground pushes the tires in the opposite direction and accelerates the car

Newton's law Interesting conceptual questions

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