Important Questions on Human Reproduction

Short Answer Type Questions (2 Marks)

Question 1
Differentiate between the following:-
(a) Dominance and Recessive.
(b) Homozygous and Heterozygous.
(c) Monohybrid and Dihybrid

Question 2
Two heterozygous parents are crossed. If the two loci are linked, what would be the distribution of phenotypic features in F1 generation for a dihybrid cross?

Question 3
Which law of inheritance of Mendel, is universally acceptable without any exception? State the law.

Question 4
How is pleiotropy exemplified in Drosophila?

Question 5
AaBb was crossed with aabb. What would be the phenotypic ratio of the progeny? Mention the term used to donate this kind of cross.

Question 6
On what basis of skin colour in humans considered polygenic?

Question 7
A human being suffering from Down’s syndrome shows trisomy of 21st chromosome. Mention the cause of this chromosomal abnormally.

Question 8
Differentiate between multiple allelism and pleiotropy with the help of an example of each.

Long Answer Type Questions

Question 9
Linkage and crossing over of genes re alternatives of each other. Justify with the help of an example.

Question 10
Write the types and location of the genes causing thalassemia in humans. State the cause and symptoms of the disease. How is sickle- cell anaemia different from this disease?

Question 11
(a) Why is haemophilia generally observed in human males? Explain the conditions under which a human female can be haemophilic. (b) A pregnant human female was advised to undergo MTP. It was diagnosed by her doctor that the foetus she is carrying has developed from a zygote formed by an XX-egg fertilized by Y- carrying sperm. Why was she advised to undergo MTP?

Question 12
Name such a trait each , in humans and drosophila, whose genes are present on X-chromosome.

Question 13
Name the metabolism or enzyme that is impaired in phenylketonuria?

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