Ionization of acids and Bases

Ionisation of Acid & Base

  • Strong Acid are 100% ionisable. Eg: hydrochloric acid (HCl), hydrobromic acid(HBr), hyrdoiodic acid (HI)
    $H Cl -> H^+ + Cl^-$
    $H Br -> H^+ + Br^-$
    $H I -> H^+ + I^- $
  • Weak Acid are not 100% ionisable. Eg: $CH_3 COOH$, $HNO_2$
    $CH_3 COOH -> CH3 COO^- + H^+$
  • Strong Base are 100% ionisable Eg: NaOH,KOH
    $NaOH -> Na^+ + OH^-$
  • Weak Base are Not 100%ionisable
    $NH_4 OH -> NH_4^+ + OH^-$
  • Ionisation of Acid & Base is a dynamic equlibrium as per Lewis Bronsted Theory
  • The equilibrium moves in the direction of formation of weaker acid and weaker base because the stronger acid donates a proton to the stronger base
  • strong acids have very weak conjugate bases while weak acids have very strong conjugate bases
  • very strong base would give a very weak conjugate acid

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