Practice Worksheet for Class 6 Science Chapter 6 Changes Around Us -1

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Question 1
State True or False
(a) Evaporation of water is a reversible change.
(b) Burning of the candle is an irreversible change.
(c) Rusting of iron is a reversible change.
(d) Bursting of cracker is fast change.
(e) Formation of Petrol is a slow change.
(f) Baking of dough into bread is a reversible change.

Question 2
Fill in the Blank
1. Generally on heating metals ______ .
2. Paper, petrol, LPG, CNG etc. are _________ substances.
3. A change in which new substance is formed is called __________.
4. A change that occurs during a definite time interval is known as _________.
5. ______ is the process Heating of milk for boiling to kill microbes.
6. Dissolving sugar in water is a ____________.
7. water changes into ice on cooling is an example of _______.
8. Those changes which are desired to occur that is we want them to take place are known _________.

Question 3
Match the column
Column A
Column B
A change in which new substance is formed
Non-periodic change
Changes in which physical properties like shape, size and state changes without formation of new substance
Slow change
Those changes which take place in a long period of time
Undesirable changes
Those changes which we do not want to take place
Chemical changes
A change that does not repeat again and again after a regular interval of time
Physical changes
Burning of fuel is a
Irreversible change

Question 4
Solve the below crossword
Crossword Puzzle |Practice Worksheet for Class 6 Science Chapter 6 Changes Around Us
6. Changing of water vapour into water
7. Changing of water into gas on heating
1. The burning of fuel on heating
2. Changing of ice into water on heating
3. drying of clothes is a
4. change of substance from liquid to solid state
5. Bursting of balloon is
6. cooking of food is a

Question 5
i. kneading of dough with flour is a __________ change.
ii. No new substance is formed in__________ change
iii. stretching of rubber band is __________ change.
iv. A/An __________ Change is a permanent change that cannot be undone.
v. The changes which are controlled by man are called __________
vi. conversion of a liquid to vapour by heating is called __________
vii. changes that occur after regular interval is called __________ .
viii. On heating, the metal rim of a wheel __________

Question 6
  1. Ripening of mango is a reversible change.
  2. Formation of curd is a chemical change.
  3. Growth of animals is irreversible but for plants its reversible
  4. Freezing of water is a temporary change.
  5. Change of season is a natural change.
  6. Melting of candle into wax is an irreversible change.
  7. Burning of candle is chemical change.

Question 7

Question 8
i. curding of milk, 20th may 2010, freezing of water, digestion of food.
ii. melting of butter, burning of paper, boiling of water, cutting of aluminium foil in half.
iii. change of day and night, dissolving salt in water in lab, change of season, dissolved salt in sea water.
iv. cooking of food, rusting of iron, crushing of can, addition vinegar to baking soda.

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