Class 7 CBSE Maths test Paper for Final exam

This page contains Class 7 CBSE Maths test Paper for Final exam

One Marks Question

1) Divide 84 toffees between two children in the ratio 5 : 7.
 2) Find the number whose 14% is 28.
 3)  Define mean.
 4) Define Probability.

Two Marks Questions

 1)The salary of Ravi increases in the ratio 3 : 5. His original salary was Rs. 7500. Find his near salary.
 2) A 4 metre elastic Band is increased by 10%. Find its near length.
 3) The angles are in the ratio 2 : 3 : 4 in a triangles. Find the angles of the triangle
 4)Write all types of congruency.
 5) Find the mean of first 5 natural numbers.
 6) If mean of 16, 14, x, 23, 20 is 18. Find x.

Three Marks Questions

 1) The mean of 6 numbers is 24. If one number is excluded, the mean of remaining become 22. Find the excluded number.
 2) Draw Probability scale.
 3) If a die is rolled. Find the Probability of getting a prime number.
4)  If l : m = 11/2 : 13/4   and
    m : n = 21/3 : 41/5          
 l : n
 l : m : n
5) The price of a muffin increase from Rs. 4 to Rs. 5. What is percentage increase?
6) If the speed of a train is increased to 80 km/hr from 60 km/hr. Find % change
7) Determine if a triangle is a right triangle
 a) 9, 12, 15
 b) 15, 20, 25
8)The vertical angle of isosceles triangle measures (5t – 18) and one of the base angles measures 3t. Find t.
9)?ABC is isosceles with AB = AC if <A = 80*. Find <B.
10) In ?ABC <A = <B = 50*, Name the pair of sides which are equal.

4 Marks Questions

1)Show that 6, 36, 216 are in continued proportion.
2) If 15% of 40 is greater than 25% of a number by 2. Find that number.
3)A tree is broken at a height of 8m from the ground and its top touches the ground at a distance of 15m from the base of a tree. Find original height of a tree.
4) <XYZ is bisected by YP. L is any point on YP and MLN is perpendicular to YP. Prove that <M = < N.

6 Marks Questions

1) (a) Rajat can type 3200 words in one hour. How many words he can type in 15 min.
      (b) If Sam used 3 litres of oil daily what % of oil I the 40 litre tank would be used in 10 days.
2)  A 25m long ladder is placed against a vertical wall such that foot of the ladder is 7m from the feet of wall. If top of ladder slides down by 4m, by how much distance will the foot of ladder slide?
3)   ABCD is a straight line with AB = BC = CD. P s a point not on the straight line such that PB = PC. Prove that PA = PD.
4)   An ordinary pack of 52 cards is well shuffled. A card is drawn. What is the probability for?
      (i) Red Card
      (ii) Number Card

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